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All work and no play make not just Jack a dull boy, but it makes you too a dull personality. Doing regular exercise makes body release particular chemical called endorphin; endorphins interact with the receptors in the brain and trigger positive feeling, as a result it makes people happy; and ‘Happy People’ simply love their jobs and lead a successful career. The workload in the life of 9-to-6 workhorse might make it look tough to squeeze time out for physical workouts or stress relieving activities, but it is definitely not impossible.

If you are an avid runner or cyclist, you won’t have to think what to do as a regular fun activity to shed your stress, but in case you do not know what to do, then check out these options:


One of the killer and safest form of workouts is swimming. And since weather is getting hotter day by day, swimming gives one of the good reasons to love this hot sunny weather. You’ll find all the pools open for membership during summer time, so just head to the nearest pool around you and spend some time floating on the water and releasing all the stress in your life.

Rope Skipping:


One of the easiest activities to do in the tightest schedule is skipping rope. You just need 10 good minutes from your day time to engage yourself into skipping. Skipping rope helps burnout astonishing amount of calories and is perhaps one of the most effective physical activities. You can definitely make this a fun session by adding music to the workout session.


With so many styles of dance forms like Salsa, Waltz, Freestyle, Swing, Fox Trot, or Jazz, a person who loves to groove on the start of music has a lot to choose from. You may join dance classes for your favorite dance form and enjoy the fun workout.


Many people just don’t like the idea of doing Yoga, for they find it too boring. Well, I would say having a bad experience with yoga is similar to having a bad love relationship, which did not work well. It’s the relationship which is at fault not the love. Similarly, you might have not tried the right yoga or have experienced a bad instructor in the past, so to begin with, choose the right yoga type for yourself such as Aerial Yoga, Power Yoga, or Rock & Roll Yoga and then move ahead to search the best instructor. Once you find your right match, you would surely love this workout.

There are ample of other options like kick boxing, cricket, football, taekwondo, and golf with which you can get physical, but remember that the most important aspect is to prioritize and indulge in some ‘Fun’ activity, because then only your body would release endorphins and then the whole cycle (as discussed earlier) would begin.

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