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There are a lot of marketers who would like to make an impact on the world by delivering thought penetrating marketing campaigns, but fail to do so. The problem here isn’t how to make an impact, but the reason that is stopping them to make an impact. Scroll down to see all those problems and how you can cope with them.

The Real Problem: Too less butter Vs. Too much breadToast and butter


The problem of lesser butter, i.e. resource crunch (be it for time, money, or people) is common for many organizations (that is what many believe). However, much more important than that is the decision which an organization has to make if the butter is really less or there is too much bread.

To do a great job with the available resources is the single best way to get another chance to do an even better job with more. For really making an impact in the marketing world, a wiser decision is to firmly spread the butter instead of applying a thin, stretched out layer on bread.

It is ok to cover less bread instead of always seeking more butter & diverting focus from the real task.

The Common Problem: Hunt for more


Every marketing campaign is an idea which evolves from a lot of ideas. These ideas are not the big ones, but these together contribute to make one big idea.

One mistake that most of the teams & individuals make is keeping the hunt of various big ideas on. To make a marketing campaign hit, you really do not need a bundle of new wonder ideas. One big idea is sufficient, and the rest that matters is implementation, persistence, strategies and people.

So, don’t hunt for alternative big ideas, instead work on figuring out ways to proceed with what you have got in hand.

The Emerging Problem: Settle down for less at the wrong time


Answer what you would do under below mentioned situations –

  • You are hungry, and you have two options to choose: half a meal or no meal. What would you choose?
  • There isn’t light in the room to work, and you have two options to choose from: half a light bulb or none at all. What would you choose?

In situation a.), to choose at least half a meal is a sensible decision, because you can curb your hunger for at least sometime. However, in situation b.), choosing a half light bulb is of no good use. You cannot do any task efficiently until and unless you get sufficient light to see it, understand it and do it. In this case, it is better to have no light and not waste the energy on doing thing wrong.

If you thought in a similar way and answered as explained above, then you understand the trick behind making the right decision at the right time. Both the situations offer lesser than what one needs, but it is not always sensible to accept or refuse the half offered. Decisions have to be made keeping future outcomes in consideration. You must not refuse half of the services/ideas/help/ when it’s a whole lot better than nothing; and you even must not accept half when it is better to wait for what you really need.

You would need this tip while executing your marketing ideas.

When things go wrong


When things go wrong, there are two ways to move ahead:

  1. Hide, mislead, blame, shuffle along, frown, depersonalize and move on
  2. Disclose, accept, apologize, identify solution, and proceed

It is obvious to see failure with your ideas, execution plan, or respective duties, but taking the right move forward is what can help you manage the wrong outcomes.

For this, you need to follow a protocol:

  • Scrutinize the complete activity to identify if there is any other problem within it or if it can affect any other related activity.
  • Alert all the relevant teams/individuals connected with it
  • Take responsibility (it doesn’t mean you intentionally let the wrong happened, but it means, you accept your responsibility to ensure this would not repeat)
  • Apologize (not because you are at guilty, but it hampered other’s tasks & they had to deal with it)
  • Come up with a solution. If you cannot, ask for suggestions.
  • Identify a solution & ways to not let that repeat in future
  • Ask for feedback

Remember, you are your worst enemy and your own best competitor; at the same time, analyzing and acting upon issues is any day better than lamenting because of them. If you can manage to incorporate this virtue in the way you approach marketing, you can be sure that you’ll do it well each time, every time.

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