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Internet is a strange place; every day enormous amount of content is uploaded on it. Some lose themselves in the crowd, while some reach the pinnacle of view-ability and share-ability becoming the ‘viral’ ones. The viral ones explode across the web, attract mass attention and actually spread like a virus. Unfortunately, everything that goes viral doesn’t deserve to be so! Why? Because nowadays you must have noticed a lot of nonsensical things going viral on the internet without a worthy reason!

Have you ever watched a video on YouTube with 1 Million views and thought to yourself- “What on this Earth went wrong that made this video got so many views?

For some the internet fame just falls into their lap, and for most it is usually totally underserved. Chances are pretty good that this virality didn’t happen naturally, but rather there’s some company working behind to make it happen.

Atrocity by the bundle-load

From Taher Shah to Dhinchak Pooja, there seems to be no end to the cringe worthy videos, memes and posts on the internet. You love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them for sure. From Facebook timelines to social media platforms, these putrid things follow you wherever you go. And with people talking about them, the virality spreads by the word-of-mouth.

There’s absolutely no reason for a song like ‘Eye to Eye’ sung by Taher Shah to get famous! With the faintest sense of music, this singer became an overnight sensation. Can you think of a reason why? I guess not.

Who would have thought that one day we humans will lose all our brain and start appreciating and sharing second-rated songs like- ‘selfie maine leli aj’ and ‘daaru, daaru, daaru?!

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Another such ridiculous viral video floated through the internet- ‘Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’ by Omprakash Mishra making him an internet sensation.

After the song became viral, a Facebook page called “ShitIndiansSay” posted an event at Connaught Place in Delhi for fans to gather and scream “Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya’ in chorus. It initially looked like a joke but more than 10,000 people said they were interested in attending the event. And people gathered at Connaught Place in real and screamed the song!

Such videos and memes have a peculiar ability to go viral. They appeal to the human psyche in a strange way that one cannot help but watch and share, spreading them through the web.

But, why exactly do we end up doing it?

According to psychologists the reason for popularity of such content and people is because people derive a sadistic pleasure from seeing the humiliation of others. People who enjoy watching such videos are most likely suffer from low self-esteem and so enjoy the humiliation of others.

Internet cultural trends, such as likes, sharing, memes and hashtags, help in taking the word forward. But, who makes nonsense content viral? It is us. We need to understand the power of internet and use in the right way and not in a way so as to promote rubbish like these!

Achieving true virality requires serious creativity, hard work and luck. But, do any of these nonsensical videos deserve the attention they are getting?

Many things become viral online sensations by mistake. Such cringe worthy videos or posts do not deserve any attention from us….So think again before you hit the like or share button!

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