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The upcoming release of the iPhone 7 has brought back to the mind the simple questions that have plagued Android users at least once every year. A lot of the android users get confused about all the hype created at every new iPhone release. What with people queuing up for hours outside the stores, and standing for lord knows how many hours for a new phone that would wipe my salary out about three times over (probably more, but I’m not sure of the prices).

I’ll be frank; I’ll stand vehemently with the Android users and berate the hype and commercialism of owning an iPhone. But that’s mostly because I don’t want to spend a ton of money on a phone. Another contributing factor is my extremely clumsy stance, where I drop my phones at least twice in a month, and truly a phone that expensive would kill me if it falls.

And as long as I am being honest, if someone offered to buy me an iPhone, I would jump at the chance. But as long as no one is buying me an expensive phone and I am still an Android user, let us fathom to the depths of our hearts and to the core of Apple’s marketing strategy, about why the iPhone is so popular amongst the masses.

The Build Up

Let’s face it, the market is flooded with products that are equal to, if not better than, the Apple products. So what is it that makes people flock to the Apple stores? Owning an Apple is not enough; people need to be first in owning the device. Why? Even before knowing the full specs of the iPhone, people are all set with their tents and chairs to camp in front of the stores.

The Reason

Let’s stop browbeating and get to the point. Even though I could go on pondering about what is happening, and think that maybe it’s the publicity (but hey, other companies publicize too). But what I discovered after hours of painstaking research (read: Google search. All hail the king!), was that there is a simple reason behind all of it.

But before the reason, let’s get some context (I need to reach a word target). Except for the very first Apple computer, the Apple – I, Apple has not really invented much. Smartphones had been there for a long time before the first iPhone came out. Apple did not invent Mp3s; they made it better with the iPods. Tablets were not new when the iPad came out. I could go on, but you get the gist.

So what’s the big secret? Nothing (Kung-Fu Panda reference)! Apple made existing products better. That is their main agenda. The people who do the designing are taught to design something that they themselves would be excited to use. They take existing products (like the smartphone) and make is more intuitive, more user friendly (dare I say better looking?). The team does not aim to make products that would make the most money (a rather fortunate by-product, the money), but they design stuff that they too would want. It’s a fine distinction, this one. But when we get down to it, it’s the most important distinction there is. Apple makes sure that the quality is never compromised in their products. Ask all those who surf umm… adult sites… on their devices, what device stays virus free.

Steve Jobs knew the importance of branding and from the very beginning, the grand releases, the stores, and everything to do with Apple have worked towards building a reputation for the brand. The products sell the brand and the brand sells the products.

Whether you love the iPhone or you love Androids, or are like me, just unable to buy an iPhone to join the brigade, you have to agree that the popularity of the iPhone is not going to be diminished anytime soon.

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