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There were days when we used to stick to the idiot box for our entire entertainment dose, sitting at one place for hours, waiting for our program to broadcast. But then the Internet was discovered, Smart phones were discovered, YouTube was discovered and they changed our lives! And then came in the world of ‘new-age digital superstars’. These stars are just next-door guys equipped with a camera and laptop, inspiring the world with their online performances. YouTube is the most popular platform to share and watch video content online. These YouTube vloggers have earned a multitudinous fan base by creating original content from the comfort of their rooms and posting them on a platform and becoming famous in the process. There are several foreign channels where you can find great content but Indians are not far behind. You too can become a vlogger. It’s all about showing off what you are best at. Set up your devices, and, you’re good to go!

So here’s how to start:

Think of a topic to begin your vlogs with. It can be anything but insulting, boring or illegal, of course! Take inspiration from other video bloggers and YouTubers like Superwoman, Varun Purthi, Himani Wright, JusVlog, KhushiLuv Vlogs, Food Babe, Bollywood classroom etc. But don’t be a copycat – don’t do what everyone else does, think of unique ideas that you think your friends would enjoy.

Create a YouTube account and give your channel an interesting name. Make your channel attractive by thinking over your username. Make sure, it doesn’t have to be big jumbled, unreadable username with a bunch of random numbers!

Make some really good videos on the topic you came up with. They really have to be good and interesting to be popular. Post one or two daily for a little while, and then go to posting at least one video daily or on a regular interval that suits you.

This is a YouTube trick- Post one of your best videos to a related, well-known video as a ‘video response’. It will get you at least a fifth of the views of the original video!

Nobody will be interested if you post videos one in a year, therefore, be active. If possible, try to set a day on which you will upload videos, will help keep your followers engaged. Ideally, most vloggers post three or four times a week. If it seems too much to you, try doing at least one per week.

Edit your videos to make them more attractive and direct, because nobody wants to see the extra, hazy or disturbing parts of the video. Most Windows and Android devices have Movie Maker preinstalled and all Apple devices have iMovie available. Otherwise, if you’re pro with software like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premium Pro, nothing like it!

Learning editing will serve you another benefit- you can also set your banner and avatar. Setting an avatar is easy but if you want a banner, you will have to pick a picture and edit it within computer margins. If you’re a YouTube partner, you can have advantages like the option to create a custom video thumbnail. Make sure that your banner has well-arranged elements- text, a close-up of your face or other picture and an uber-cool background.

Once you gain a reputation in the YouTube community and have earned a few thousand views, try to become a YouTube partner. I hope you know, YouTube pays you for allowing ads to be displayed on your videos. That’s how great vloggers earn money and often appear in search results as well.

It’s an important step, communicating with your followers. Do take time out to respond to comments, video responses and messages you receive. This leaves a good impression and your followers will feel connected and will appreciate it.

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