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Researches have it that Twitter has more than 200 million registered profiles already and approximately 4.5 k people are joining daily. Plus, on an average, a whopping 500 million tweets are posted every day. With all these mind boggling stats and more than 42% people following brands, Twitter has become all marketers’ favorite platform providing them endless marketing opportunities. The social media platform serves diverse purposes, from spreading awareness to generate leads to driving traffic to the site and building a customer base.

Anybody can create a Twitter handle, but may go unnoticed among the millions of profiles on twitter. You can turn your Twitter account into an actual tool that shall help you generate leads for your brand. You might frequently be confronted with question like what basic marketing strategies could be used on Twitter. So, here I have come up with tips for you to make your Twitter a tool for sales generation.

1. Influence with resources

Came across a great article on Twitter? Just copy and paste the link on your timeline, tweet it out and you’re done! This is as simple as 1-2-3 and added bonus, it increases your influence on Twitter as more people tend to click the links you have posted.

2. Share relevance

Although, you can tell your followers what you had for your lunch, but don’t! They probably are more interested in knowing your restaurant recommendation over what you had in the restaurant. Use common sense and only post stuff that you perceive to be of some value or relevant to your followers.

3. Make practical retweets

When you share good content, it is appreciated and shared with others. Therefore, when you read a tweet that is of some importance and interesting to you, do pass it among others to read as well. On twitter, Retweeting is what it’s called!

4. Start Conversations

Conversations on twitter are one of the most powerful features and the most underutilized too. People need to engage with other people, not with advertisements or brands. We must utilize Twitter to genuinely interact and converse with individuals and believe me, once you start, you will wonder why you haven’t used this any sooner. 

5. Approach with questions

Want to know about careers in digital marketing or a general remedy to your problem? Post questions to your followers, which will not only get you an answer you will also strike a new conversation in the process, increasing your twitter handle’s visibility.

6. Original Content

The most successful Twitter accounts have something to say of their own. Twitter appreciates opinions and thus, is seen to be far more effective if the content shared is unique to your brand and of course, is helpful for the readers.

7. Put up content more than once

Not everyone is on Twitter all the time and most people won’t specially come to your timeline to look for what they missed out on. Being a marketer you should not shy away from sharing your tweets more than once. As a matter of act, statistics say that if you post a piece of content for the second time, it can receive up to 86% more engagement than the first you tweeted.

8. Comment on shared content

When sharing content on Twitter, a little fiddling is allowed. Try to fit in a point in relation to the content or add an important section to it. Another way of using this technique is by tagging the writer of that piece of content or asking a follow-up question. This can help you connect with the person and further with their community too.

  1. Industry News

More than a social medium, Twitter has become a platform for staying updated with news and trends. Identify the news articles that would be of interest or concern to your audience and consider delivering it to them a responsibility. News is one of the most effective contents shared on social media as it attracts real- time engagement and users on the sites.

10. Quality images

Using good pictures, illustrations or images in your tweets is important as it creates a greater impact and comprehends your idea better. Now, with the advent of gifs and short video clips, you can makes your tweets more attractive to your followers, but it better be a good one!

A bonus tip:

It is essential to experiment on social media. You can experiment with a variety of images or even texts or combinations while sharing your content and comparing the performance. For example, it is observed that tweets with URLs in the middle of the text have 26% more chances of being retweeted as compared to those having URLs at the end. You may come across a new observation that saves the twitter marketing world.

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