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There’s a very good chance that you have heard of Tumblr by now, even if you aren’t a part of the platform, most posts shared on Facebook these days are screenshots from Tumblr.

If you still have no clue about Tumblr, you should probably do so ASAP, seeing as Tumblr is one of the fastest growing social networks on the web today.

About Tumblr

At the very basic level, Tumblr is for micro-blogging, which is different from regular blogs as well they are micro. Shorter posts, single sentences, quotes, photos, and so on. There is no long and in-depth content, and this content can be ‘reposted’ by others or they could ‘reblog’, much like ‘sharing’.

The popularity

Unlike other social platforms, Tumblr also has visitors who are not registered on the site. The website has more than 200 million blogs that publish around 80 million micro-blogs every day. If you count the registered as well as the unregistered visitors on the site, the numbers will go beyond 300 million per month. So that is a hefty slice of audience for all you brands out there.

The audience

Fun Fact: Tumblr has the youngest audience, 70% of whom are in the age group of 16 – 34 years.

So, the fact is that not all brands will benefit from sourcing in Tumblr blogs, but for the brands that want a younger demographic, Tumblr is a goldmine. The youngness of the audience on Tumblr also necessitates the employment of a different approach as compared to other main social platforms. You will definitely need different kind of content if you wish to be successful. Worried about the extra effort? Don’t, because in the end it’s worth it. When it comes to social sentiments towards brands, Tumblr is ranked at #1, making it an effective way to build brand loyalty.

Get started

For the new users, it often seems a bit confusing, but the best way to figure out any platform is to browse it as a user, spending time to get some firsthand experience of the site. Getting a feel of the casual style of the platform will help you in emulating it, making the navigation of this site as a brand much easier in the future.

Deciding the purpose

We’ve already mentioned how Tumblr is different than other platforms. So, it will also be serving a different purpose for your brand. Your Tumblr account’s main aim should be to create brand awareness rather than a direct CTA or driving traffic. Before you start work on your content, make sure you decide on the purpose of your blog.

About the content

Reblogging will not serve your purpose. Unless you are creating some unique content that is not available anywhere else, users will simply not have any incentive to follow your blog. With quality, there will also be a greater possibility of followers reblogging your posts.

Type of content

Tumblr is very visual. Images and texts are more engaging and text-only posts are easily ignored. So concentrate on content that is bound to catch someone’s attention as they browse through their dashboard. Things that are fun to look at will do great on Tumblr. Think about the purpose of your blog. Creating a brand identity does not require you to showcase your products all the time. Also, Tumblr users respond well to humor, though don’t start making everything funny (especially if it doesn’t suit the tone of your company).

Tags are also important. Use the appropriate tags on your posts; these are how Tumblr search results work, so make sure that yours are relevant. DO NOT ever use popular tags without reason.


This is a bad idea on any platform, but Tumblr users are especially passionate about artists getting due credit. Copying popular images from net searches will not help you in any way. Of course you can use work by other people on your blog, but just make sure that you credit the source from wherever you got it.

Tumblr is still a new platform in terms of marketing; make sure you give it a whirl.

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