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You know who an account manager is? It’s that annoying person who keeps coming up to you with “deadlines”, “tasks”, “the client wants”, “need some changes”, etc. Getting a picture in your head? OK great. So, who is an account manager? It’s the person who acts as a liaison between the client and your agency, and he has to be the one who tells the creative departments about what the client wants.

If I was to be candid, no one really likes the account manager by much. But do you know what? It is so not easy being an account manager. It’s hectic, it’s stressful; if anything goes wrong, everyone is after the account manager, and of course, there are no after hours. The client can call at any time.

Can anyone do this job? Only if “anyone” can write, or “anyone” can design. So if you are an aspiring account manager, this one is mainly for you, a few traits that every kick-ass account manager must have. If you have nothing to do with account management, still read, maybe you’ll start appreciating your account managers a bit more.

  1. Communication, all the effing time

It is hard to stress just how important communication is for an account manager. You need to speak up, make sure that the agency, you, and the client are all on the same page. Just as important is the part about listening. The client knows only you from the agency and they are counting on you to know what is to be done.

  1. Organization

One might of course say that the ability to stay organized is important regardless of the field they are in. But still let’s talk about why it is important for the account manager. Literally and figuratively, you need to know where your stuff is, at all times, so the client can know where their stuff is at all times. What is the status of tasks? Have the blogs been written? Are the designs ready? Stay on top of your work!

  1. Relationships

Do not underestimate the importance of knowing your customers on a personal level. You are not just forming a business contract; you need to have a relationship with your clients. You need to have a rapport and a bond of trust as your core values when you are managing accounts.

  1. New Ideas

Doing what’s needed is just the basic part of your job. Don’t become complacent with routine. Push the boundaries and always bring new ideas to the table. Go out of your comfort zone and take your client with you. There’s always place for new ideas and it starts with you.

  1. Care

Don’t just care about the cheque you get from your clients. Genuinely care about them and let it show. If your clients don’t feel like they are a priority, you have failed in your job. No matter what it is; if it’s important for them, it’s important for you.

  1. Know what’s up

Every industry has its own set of trends and every client has their own motivation. Always keep up with the trends and always know what motivates your clients.

  1. Passion

If you have passion and you love what you are doing, it will show, and this passion will definitely affect your clients as well as your work.

These are just of the few traits that you need to work on if you aim to be a kick ass account manager. It also helps when you have spent some time in the industry and are able to draw from your own experiences.

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