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Most of us generally think that handling social media strategies is as simple as:

  1. Creating a post update
  2. Selecting the ideal social media mix
  3. Auto-publishing updates to all the mediums

I used to think the same as I aspired to become a marketer. But, there’s a big loophole in this strategy. I came to realize this when I met a pro-marketer who taught me how the users on each of these social channels consume content differently and have varied interaction patterns. Therefore, to make the most of these social platforms, we need to optimize our posts to suit each social platform. A great campaign starts by creating an alliance between “The Big Three” of Social Media – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Copy Pasting the same content across the three mediums is not the solution, using the individual strengths of each medium is!

Facebook gives you SIX post launching options, namely, Status, Photo, Video, Link, Event and Check in.

On an average, almost 2,000 posts are filtered through Facebook by a user on a DAILY basis. And out of these, only 20% actually make it up to a single user’s news feed. So, this is how you can attempt to include your content in that 20%:

  • 1) Engage your target groups through PHOTOS because photos constitute 93% of the most engaging content on FB.
  • 2) Create posts with more than 80 CHARACTERS because posts with more characters are seen to garner 2 times more engagement.
  • 3) Try different expressions using PUNCTUATIONS because posts with #tags see 60% more interactions, exclamation points see 3% and questions see 25% more reactions.
  • 4) Keep link titles less than 100 CHARACTERS.
  • 5) Publish posts in LATE EVENING hours or on WEEKENDS because posts gain 11% more interactions from 5 pm to 1 am and posts on Sundays get 25% more comments, shares and likes.
  • 6) Experiment with EMOTICONS because it may gain your post 57% higher likes.

Twitter lets you launch posts through 140 CHARACTERS long tweets. Do you know, according to Twitter, it took three years and sixty one days to get from the first ever tweet to the billionth tweet. It was a slow growth, but now, it only takes 1 WEEK to send a billion tweets on twitter. So, this is how you can ensure that your content is visible among all this noise:

  • 1) Tweet short and sweet preferably between 120 and 130 CHARACTERS because it makes it easy to be retweeted.
  • 2) Always try to include TWITTER HANDLES of people being talked about or related, to increase retweet chances.
  • 3) You must use #TAGS judiciously because tweets with two or lesser hashtags receive 21% higher engagement
  • 4) 17% of the TOP SEARCHED terms churn over on an hourly basis on twitter, therefore, do not force unnecessary trending hashtags in your content.
  • 5) Do not forget to incorporate IMAGES because tweets with visual content see a 55% increase in leads.
  • 6) Stop AUTO-POSTING Instagram media directly to your twitter because it appears as a link.
  • 7) Place cleaner and SHORTEN LINKS in middle of your tweet for more link visits.

LinkedIn gives you FOUR post launching options including Status, Photo, Link and Video Link. With more than 3 MILLION companies having their LinkedIn pages, around 87% users trust LinkedIn as an information source to make decisions. So, this is how you can attempt to include your content among those trusted sources:

  • 1) Include LINKS in your post copies because posts with links garner up to 200% more engagement.
  • 2) Keep link titles less than 70 CHARACTERS.
  • 3) Keep link descriptions less than 250 CHARACTERS.
  • 4) Share IMAGES in posts because images get 98% high comment rate on LinkedIn posts.
  • 5) Publish at least 20 POSTS per month, prefer posting one each weekday, to reach to a minimum of 60% of your audience.
  • 6) Send LinkedIn ANNONCEMENTS because it makes it 220% more effective for lead generation when compared to FB and Twitter


This blog is simply to walk you through the mannerisms of content updating on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But social media is a platform that constantly changes and while the data and practices mentioned here do promise a great start to your social media success plan, you must always test each strategy with different combination and permutations as it may vary for the likings of your particular set of target audience. The stats mentioned here are also subjected to change with the high paced social media. 

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