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Mobile devices have exceeded the number of humans on earth. And much to our anticipation, mobile usage has also drastically redefined the way people consume content online. The size of the screens that display content vary depending on the device, and marketers are crafting content marketing strategies to provide the best possible user experience on any device.

Your mobile content marketing strategy needs to increase traffic, respond faster and certainly be more adaptable to the increasing number of mobile consumers. As your mobile content marketing strategy is going to be one of the keys to your success, it should be such that it boosts attention.

However, going mobile implicates taking your desktop website for a revamp and scaling it down to mobile size. For creating mobile-optimized content you need to have a clear understanding of your target audience’s expectations and their content consuming habits on a mobile device.

Here’s a list of tips that will help you design a powerful mobile marketing strategy:

  • Keep mobile content short and crisp

Too bulky content is a complete no for mobile devices, as the screen size is only a few square inches. Consumers will have to keep scrolling and clicking if there’s a lot of content on your page. The first step to creating a powerful content strategy for mobile devices is to keep is as short and crisp as possible.

Focus on the important points and keep the font size is big and clear so that users can read the content without having to zoom in frequently. The quickly you deliver information on a mobile device; the more likely you are to engage with your readers.

  • Keep the content digestible

Reading clustered words is a pain to the eyes. No one has the patience to go through long textual content on mobile screens. Put up your mobile content in a way that is pleasure for both the eyes and the mind.

Break up your content into short and cute paragraphs that are not stretched beyond 4-5 lines. To make it more visually pleasing you can use bullet points, numbered lists, subheads and more. In simple words, keep your content catchy, short and crisp minus the extra noise.

  • Catchy headlines are your way to success

A short and powerful headline is the secret recipe for successful mobile content creation. Lengthy headlines loose the charm. Adding a unique and strong headline to your story, article, blog, site, etc., is sure going to grab those eyeballs to your piece!

  • Start with your best lines

While creating mobile content always try to start with the strong and engaging statements. It is a common practice of a mobile reader to read a few beginning sentences to decide to further read it or not. Ensure to give your piece a great start so that your reader is glued to reading it right till the end.

  • Choose scrolling over pagination

Scrolling a page seems easy while using a mobile device than clicking on pages. Design your mobile website to make it more user-friendly and accessible.

  • Reduce the number of images

If you want the audience to read content on mobile then try keeping images to the least number possible. Bulky images take time to load on mobile and also the person viewing has to scroll a lot to view the images entirely which can be very frustrating for the mobile users.

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