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Hashtags are an important part of online marketing and must be used the right way! Everyone knows what Hashtags are, but do we really know how to use them? Most of us don’t!

So, here’s how to use Hashtags on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google+

But first, what exactly is a Hashtag?

Here’s how Google describes it…


A hashtag is “a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used in social media sites such as Twitter to identify messages on a specific topic.”

Further expanding what Google says, a hashtag is an unspaced word or phrase prefixed with the #, to form a label, which works as a metadata tag. They allow grouping similarly tagged messages while making it simple for people to search for and find content based on a keyword or phrase.

To be noted:

  • Hashtags are viewable by anyone, even those outside your network, who have an interest in your hashtag subject.
  • You can expand your reach to anyone interested in that keyword or phrase you just hashtagged


Twitter was the one which started the Hashtag craze. You’ll see Hashtags on most tweets on Twitter, especially those from businesses. A good reason to use them is that tweets with a Hashtag get double the engagement when compared to tweets without them. But remember to limit them to only 2 Hashtags per tweet.



Instagram is something completely different than Twitter and using Hashtags also involves a completely different meaning on this platform. Hashtags are king on Instagram and Instagram savvy users use them a lot! In fact, posts with more than 11 Hashtags get the highest engagement.



For Facebook, Hashtags are fairly new and are not as effective as on other social platforms. Users on Facebook don’t search for Hashtags and therefore, I think, they look unnatural and kind of forced.



Google+ gives Hashtags to your posts automatically depending on the kind of content. You can also edit or add new Hashtags to your G+ posts.

If someone types in a Hashtag search, they’ll get the general search results plus a sidebar that’ll contain relevant G+ posts. This is a great brainstorming opportunity for smart marketers to discover new content ideas and also measure user interest levels in specific topics. Follow the below rules of Hashtag posting and you’ll be able to create lots of engaging content:


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