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Technology has been taking everyone on their own journey. An ever evolving entity, technology has been developing and changing at a startling pace. With the speed at which this technological upheaval is taking place, and with the number of tech companies racing each other to bring forth bigger and better technological advancements, it has become an almost impossible task to try and predict the future of technology as an industry.

As more and more social and technological platforms are emerging from the depths of the industry, it affects all the sectors of Indian economy. It is not just about the IT companies, these advancements reach out to all businesses, irrespective of their focus activities.

If we were to be asked why technology is effectual for all spheres, the obvious answer would be digital marketing, a targeted outreach program to create a brand story, a digital footprint worth remembering. Of course, that is true, but the fact remains that digital marketing is just one aspect of the huge platform that is offered by social media.


Another such aspect is social hiring, a relatively new concept, poised to revamp HR and talent acquisition. According to various surveys, more than 80% or today’s job seekers prefer to search for new job openings and opportunities via social media, while there are only around 60% recruiters that utilize the social media to search for prospective candidates.

It all comes back to digital marketing as well – when prospective candidates search for job opportunities, what makes them select a company is the company’s presence and digital footprint. What a company has been doing besides its core business activities is what is shared on social media channels and that is what sets each company apart from their competition.

So what is it that makes the recruiters utilize social media as a recruiting platform?

There are a number of social collaboration tools available in the market that can provide recruiters with the ability to change social media information into insights, and use those insights to inspire their audience. As a recruiter, one should be well prepared and stay ahead of the technological curve, while leveraging all the tools and technology that is at their disposal.

The Big Four


Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram are better known as the big four of the social media world.

Facebook alone has crossed over 125 million users in India itself. That should form a pool of at least 100 million users who fall in the working age group, even if we get niggardly and say 50 million, that is 50 million more people reached, and truthfully, 50 million is a rather large number.

Did you know?


Most working people are available on LinkedIn; in fact, almost 90% of the recruiting fraternity is active on LinkedIn, but it is only a mere 35% that use the platform for active recruiting.

The Big Question


A question that might plague a recruiter regarding social hiring is about how they can be sure of receiving quality hires from a social site. And the reply to that is that social media can actually help you know a person much better than a piece of paper will. A resume always says what the candidate wants it to say, but on social media is where people are themselves. And let’s not forget about the oodles of technology available. If you are clear about what qualities you want in a hire, you can use predictive analysis tools to weed out any inappropriate applicants, leaving you with a smaller but more suitable group of candidates.

In Conclusion


Of all the platforms, including the “big four”, which platform would suit your needs most is relative. Some communities and prospective candidates (photographers, designers, etc.) can be better approached through Instagram, while for writers you might want to check out LinkedIn or some blog platforms like WordPress. Irrespective of your approach and your platform requirements, you need to have in place a perfect social media and digital marketing strategy, as without a brand story and presence, social hiring won’t do much good.

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