Strategize Your Social Handles

Make sure that your digital footprint is worth remembering and not just a mark lost among the others.

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It is human nature, at some point or another, to fall prey to the newest advancements. But to be fair, many of these ‘advancements’ are where we need to head to reshape our brand stories. Social media, for instance, is a great way to reach out to the audience. But all is not as easily done as it is said, for with thousands of companies climbing onto the very same platform, it isn’t possible for each and every contender to wear the crown of visibility. There is time to travel the road less traveled and there is a time when you must make do with the road that is preferred by the masses. Just because there are hundreds of companies on social media does not mean that you take the hipster route and stick to conventional marketing. It just means that you need to amp up your game and prepare to stand out of the crowd.

“Make sure that what you do is different from whatever everyone is doing. “ As paradoxical as it might sound, but if everyone is different, is anyone really different? Probably not, but here are a few things you can do to make sure your brand leaves an impression.

Be Human


No, we are not propagating charity work right now (even though charity is good), but the simple fact is that no one likes talking to a logo. They’re never sure whether they are talking to actual people or to some pre programmed algorithm. Go ahead and show the people that there are real people behind your accounts and departments. Decorum must of course be there, but kick the response templates and machine like lingo and let the people behind your accounts inject their own personalities and quirks to the communications. When you humanize your communication, people find it much easier to interact with you.

Less is More


Imagine being on any social media platform. Would you yourself sit and watch some company’s sleek marketing video? Sure you might, but the norm dictates that most people will pass it by. No one likes the feeling that they are being “marketed to”. So try shelving those professional workplace videos for the business channels and let your happy employees and customers become your advertisers. You can’t get more real and authentic than a real person talking about real experiences. This is how your audience gets a feel of what working or doing business with you is really like.

Bring in the New


Everyone on social media basically has the same framework that they follow day in and day out. Depending on what your business is, you must really work hard to come up with something that is a cut above the rest. Something that is absolutely different from your competitors. This could be a behind the scenes video, a lunch with the CEO, or even an unusual work activity; whatever you choose to do, strive to deliver exclusivity and let your brand be known for its personal, real and exclusivity.

This age is that of a high-tech race, and running among thousands, make sure that your digital footprint is worth remembering and not just a mark lost among the others.

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