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As the year turns, make sure you have done your homework right. Reaching out to new customers and incorporating the latest techniques to suit your business should be on top of your ‘how-to-achieve-success’ list. Let us vow that having a full blown Digital Strategy will be your first priority and whether you are engaging a digital agency or whether it is in house – you will build a strategy and strive to stick to it. Under that strategy will be all your plans that will seek to fulfil your marketing goals. Once this is clear, following are the seven things which are your mini steps towards having a fulfilled 2016.

  • Take care of your website

We are doing everything to keep our product or service up to date but we are not looking at our website updations. In the New Year, set a calendar and invest in updating your website. Write new blogs, feature more news, and interact with your customers, change images- basically give enough time to making your website look fresher.

  • Use at least one social media tool- to the fullest

Being all over is equivalent to being nowhere. De-clutter your social media tools that you so enthusiastically opened up in 2015. Be it Facebook or Youtube, pick one and use it to its optimum. A half hearted and incomplete campaign has ruined some of your dreams last year. Plan from the very first month and focus on at least one

  • Learn the tricks of the trade

If you are averse to the digital platform, it is time to change that. It is no rocket science and you must get yourself to learn how it all works. SEO optimisation, pay per clicks, social buy buttons, online polls are all things you must know about so during the year, if there is a campaign or a brand message that needs to be delivered, you can choose which route will best work for you.

  • Mobile is BIG

With smart phones loaded with speed data services in every hand, make your business- mobile savvy. Apps are becoming people’s way of lives. Food, fashion, grocery, beauty, education, news and even movies have all found their place in your customer’s mobile phone set. Be there or be left out. Make it an agenda to use this medium to touch your customer right where it needs you.

  • Customer is king. Still!

Amidst all the rigmarole around going digital, do not forget that customer is still the king. If need be, educate your customer digitally so he keeps pace with your brand. Keep the customer at the center of your strategy and then devise which digital tool you will use. For instance if your service is all about providing them some convenience then do not over complicate your application so much that the customer fears the navigation and quits on you. Understand the nature of who your customer is and accordingly become the digital guru!

  • Know when to STOP

Taking digital breaks is absolutely alright. Stretching a campaign way too far or running an app that has been replaced by a much smarter one is foolish. Complete digital darkness is not possible in this day and age but pulling off strategically from social media spaces, for short spells, while you are renewing your strategy or building something fresh, is advised.

  • Be safe

Last but not the least- be digitally safe. Take care of privacy policies and be wary of cyber crimes. Make sure you are entering fair deals, reading the right material and engaging with agencies that are not fleecing you in the name of a better digital footprint. Be literate about everything that can go wrong in this space and also how best to come out of the situation, in case anything goes wrong.

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