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Remember that news we read sometimes back when two Canadian women instagrammed their cruise from England to Australia? Apart from posting awe-inspiring lens captures and giving us all #TravelGoals, they kinda also got arrested. Turns out that the women were actually part of a rather large drug haul, and were arrested in Sydney with a lot of (200 pounds) drugs. Not that this has anything to do with digital marketing per se, but it does bring to mind how a lesson in Instagram marketing can be conducted with drug lords as reference.

Now, a successful entrepreneur and digital whiz kid know that Instagram is an amazing way to get your brand out there. You can let people know who you are, what your company does, your motto, and so on.

So, for fun, let’s imagine we were all drug lords and our business was all about … drug lording? Anyway, so, here are the lessons that if your remove the drug lord and killing people part, will be great for your regular business Instagram handle as well.

  1. The start

When you start your account, open with an image that will cover all that your business represents. If you sell gluten free, health snacks, your picture should show off tasty stuff as well as the health factor in equal measure. But we’re all drug lords here so it should probably be something like a lot of money and arms (for the killing people part).


  1. Trust Factor

You need to make sure that your customers know that you can be trusted. Show that your approach is bold but sensible. For example, if we were drug lords we’ll probably do this.


P.S. This is a bold move, but sensible, as the leopard has an MBA from XLRI

  1. The staff

Your Instagram account should be used as a platform to show off more of your staff. It makes it so much more personal.

P.S. This is Susan, she’s our… um conflict remover (she’s a hit-woman), she likes Sudoku, rum, and men who love dogs.

  1. Company Culture

The applicants are really looking for good company culture. So make sure you show that your company isn’t all about work. See, no phones allowed at the monthly party:

P.S. Not until we find out who’s the mole wearing a wire. Muhahahahaha.

  1. Outside Office

Go ahead and show your audience what you do outside office. Connect with them. If you’re chilling with your gold plates Versace AK-47, share a pic, maybe your audience is doing the same!

  1. The Purpose

Yes recreation and culture are all important, but don’t forget to keep emphasizing on your core message. Make sure that people don’t forget that you have 500 assault rifles and some Bolivian flake stored in your storeroom.

  1. Families

Families are another great weapon to bring the customer into your circle of trust. Have a “bring your daughter or son to work” day, share the pictures.

Who wouldn’t want to know more about young Jeremy and the latest snake in training? Yes we keep snakes, we’re drug lords.

  1. Deliveries

Keep reminding people how your service and product delivery systems are always on top. Share images of your delivery vehicles all in a line if you have to.

  1. Core Message!!

We cannot stress this enough! NEVER ignore your principal message. The main task. ETC.

  1. Don’t Show Off

Once your business takes off, you want to dial down the showing off. Tell people that you’re doing great, that you’re trusted, etc. but keep it subtle.

Just substitute the guns and the well not so savory details (maybe the wads of cash too) and you have a nice little strategy for any Instagram account.

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