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We all have heard enough that Pay Per Click marketing is not a day’s task but a daily activity; accepted, and followed too, as PPC experts assure to work daily on PPC campaigns. However, since little knowledge is dangerous, today we wish to educate you about PPC daily activities which definitely do not include performing the same task every day. Routine PPC activities mean a set of different activities which are performed daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly and quarterly basis.

Here is a thoroughly defined Pay per click daily checklist to know what to do; when to do; to get results fast.

Daily Routine:

Your daily routine to optimize the PPC campaign majorly depends upon the kind of campaign you are running. The activities for an e-commerce website campaign aiming to generate revenue would differ from the campaign aimed to generate leads. However, basically there are certain steps focused upon tracking previous day performance, which can help you work out for both types of campaigns. Here are the five steps you would have to follow daily:

Step 1: Check spends vs. conversions; accordingly adjust bids and budgets

  • Increase bids on strong performing keywords with profitable conversion rates
  • Decrease bids on low or no ROI keywords that exhaust your budget

Step 2: Monitor or Pause poor performing Keywords

Search keyword with:

  • Low ROI
  • Low Quality scores

Step 3: Perform Keyword research

  • Add new keywords to extend your reach
  • Identify negative keywords to eliminate useless clicks
  • Experiment with different keyword match types

Step 4: Optimize ad text

Experiment with text of worst two ads. Try:

  • Inserting Dynamic Keyword
  • A new headline
  • Altered call to action

Step 5: Improve campaign relevancy

  • Split your ad group into two similar, more targeted groups
  • Create a new, more targeted landing page

Weekly Tasks:

Once in a week, devote your time to decode the performance graph. Thoroughly monitor weekly progress of the PPC campaign and accordingly make adjustments in forecasted spend, change bids, pause underperforming keywords and revise budget. The four tasks you should perform once in a week include:

Task 1: Position click performance top Vs. Side

Task 2: Upgrade any performance irregularities

Task 3: Negative keyword research

Task 4: Mobile bid adjustment vs. desktop performance

Biweekly Tasks:

Once in two weeks is ideal to take little risk and revise keywords to extend your reach and account for new searches. You ought to keep a careful eye on each task performed to immediately take actions upon any false step taken. These four tasks would help you sort out your biweekly PPC activities.

Task 1: Look up for missed opportunities via impressions

Task 2: Split out, narrow, and refine Ad Groups

Task 3: Create new ads, analyze and pause losers

Task 4: Remove poor performers

Monthly Tasks:

Once in every month, take time out to review all the changes and settings you have done over the month. You just need to perform a set of quick task that can prove to be beneficial if you ever find any mistakes.

Task 1: Display vs. search performance review

Task 2: Address low quality score keywords

Task 3: Analyze Site Links performance, add/remove

Task 4: Look for and fix poor visitor metrics through analytics

Quarterly Tasks:

Finally, there are certain tasks which are crucial to monitor on a three-monthly basis. By monitoring data over a longer period of time you can get an idea about seasonal performance trends over a longer period of time.

Task 1: Refine Landing page copy to improve conversion rate

Task 2: Adjust bids as per geo targets

Task 3: Do day of week, time of day analysis

Task 4: Historical performance reporting

Yep, that’s about it.

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