Roadblocks to Content Marketing

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Content marketing, as easy as it may sound, is a rather hard nut to crack. It has been accepted world over as one of the best SEO tactics. But unless you apply some effective strategies to your content, it is going to end up looking like a last minute mish-mash of disconnected ideas. Here are the top mistakes that people make when it comes to creating worthwhile and relevant content.

Forgetting to give it time

This point actually goes both ways – the first being that you cannot expect mind-blowingly amazing content unless you give it time, and the other is that writing quality content takes time, so does adding the design elements to it; so why do you think that the results won’t take time.

What you can do: Just remember that quality always comes over quantity and that quality content takes time. Also, even if you have amazing content and no new leads yet, don’t scrap the project. Give it time, as building an audience requires you to be consistent.

Common topics

Even if you see a trending topic and you reaalllyy want to right about it, ask yourself one simple question – “Am I bringing anything new to the mix?” Writing on popular topics has always been a go to approach in content marketing (remember all those “miracle weight loss tips”?), but all this approach does is sink your rank on Google and gives you nothing in return.

What you can do: Take some time if you must, but concentrate on creating some fresh and unique content. Even if you have to write on a popular and common topic (because your boss says so), make sure that you add something of unique value that sets your blog apart from the rest.

All the wrong sites

It’s not about posting content everywhere. Again, quality over quantity, and this goes for where you post your content as well. Linking or submissions to low quality websites are not going to give you much for all your efforts.

What you can do: Use tools, ask people, check reviews, but make a list of some high quality sites that can help you target your audience. These will add credibility to your authorship and will help you spread the word to all the right people.


Writing content without purpose is like running around in circles, covering a lot of distance but getting nowhere at all. Your content needs a target audience and it needs to be about what that audience wants to read. Figuring out what your audience requires is the first step to successful content marketing.

What you can do: The first step is to know what you want, what your marketing goal is. List out these goals and then create your content accordingly.


If the content is out dated there is not much point in it; neither for the search engines nor for your audience. Authentic information is that which is regularly updated. Top rankings with Google are hard if you have old content, of course relevant evergreen strategies can help with your ranking.

What you can do: Keep updating your content and keep increasing your credibility. Make sure your content is reliable for reference. Repurpose even the outdated content and stay above tide and time (which wait for no one).

SEO friendly content

You have created some amazing content. Now what? Unless your content is search engine friendly and has a number of keywords, it won’t ever see the light of the first page search results.

What you can do: Create content for your audience, but optimize it for Google. Call organic traffic to your site through on page optimization and keywords and Meta tagging.

Well, of all the roadblocks that your content strategy might face, these are the main and the most prevalent ones. Make sure you keep these in mind before you begin on your voyage through content marketing, and remember that content is king!

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