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With so much content being added to the web each day, creating unique and addictive content becomes a mammoth task for the writers. The way content is being written, read and shared has come a long way from what it used to be. We are living in an inexhaustible ocean of content and creating a piece of content that not only hooks the reader attention but also has the potential to go viral is certainly not a piece of cake for every writer.

Every other is turning into a blogger overnight and over 2 million blogs are created each day! If you are looking to join the bloggers league or are already into it then this blog has a lot to offer to you.

The above discussion boils down to only one object of interest, the one question – how to make yourself audible in the noise of the 2 million blog posts hollered out every day?

Here are a few quick tips to master the art of blogging: –

The first impression is the last impression

Age old idioms do hold true most of the times and this one absolutely applies to the caption that leads your content. Practically, any blog title that is a turnout of an SEO tool kills the joy of reading it for it is more like a monotonous blend of words. Label your content in a way more attractive to the humans and not to the search engines. A good label to your blog will unquestionably draw more traffic to your piece and you never know you might make a fortune out of it!

Do it differently

The essential part of a blog is its body. Having a unique and intriguing subject does not work alone now. A blog needs to be furthered with thought-provoking info or facts. You can even go the controversial way! Controversies catch the eye more than the usual. But be sure to put in the last bit of effort to ensure the authenticity when using data in your posts.

Creating amazing blogs has more to it than just writing! And I bet you thought writing could get your there! With the world going mobile and having no time to go through the fine lines, people are attracted content with eye-catching images and videos to back it. Brain has the power to process images more efficiently and retain it for a longer time. So the next time the blogging fever hits you, make sure you add in gripping images and videos.

Serve your audience well 

At no time should you forget the audience you are catering to. Focus on your niche and make sure you serve your audience well. You can make your blog more captivating by telling a story – maybe your own or of others. Who doesn’t enjoy stories? People of all ages love to read stories.

Create a conversation-oriented blog and ask your readers questions throughout the post. This keeps reader wrapped up in the blog and they read till the end to find the answers. Be yourself and write about something that matters to you. Be generous in terms of content and try to write in shorter paragraphs.

The bottom-line

Creating a quality piece of content takes a lot more than just writing skills, you should have a out-of-the-box thinking capacity and also put in a lot of research. Secrets to creating an amazing piece are many but in order to strike the right note you must at first know your audience and offer real substance which should also be a treat for the eyes.

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