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Pokémon GO, the latest sensation that has gripped the entire world is in a true sense a phenomenon that takes advantage of our ADD nature, the reliance we have on our smart phones, the common thirst for escapism, along with the fuzziness of nostalgia to bring forth a game that has everyone raving about it. People are convinced that this game that has got them to start walking around is the best thing since sliced bread, and have mostly chosen to ignore that this really isn’t the first time that such a game has been made available. Yup, you read that right; there have been other games with augmented reality that urged users to walk around. Shelve the surprised look, and stow away your Google searches, because we’ve already done that for you and made a list of augmented reality games that you could probably give a whirl after you wade out of the swamp after catching that elusive Muk.


This one is a scavenger hunt, a global scavenger hunt. The game uses geographical coordinates and then leads the players to find hidden caches. These caches are there in the real world, and the most basic ones have logs that the players can sign to prove that they found it. Others however, also have small treasures that a player can take, understanding that they should leave something of equal value in its place. This app will send the player to the general location of the cache, and then they must search for clues or solve puzzles to find the treasure.


Ingress is a great way to discover new places in your locality, even after you have been living there for years. This augmented reality game is multiplayer and is based on science fiction. The players can either try to gain experience and spread influence on their own, or they can choose between two main factions. All are vying for the ultimate goal, i.e. world domination. Players vie for the control of hidden portals, which are hot spots of power scattered around real world points of interest. The game’s scanners are used to find, hack and defend various portals. Ingress has various missions that lead the players to these portals.

Zombies, Run!

In our own way we have often considered what we would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Zombies, Run! takes that very same obsession into account and is an all-action story that can transform a jog into a sprint to stay alive and also to save your town. Put on your headphones, run the game and you will be told about your mission and the storyline. As you run, you pick up supplies, complete missions, and avoid zombies. If you are attacked, you move faster.

Clandestine: Anomaly

The Clandestine: Anomaly is a science fiction defense game and has location based and augmented reality elements. What has happened in the game is that your phone was hacked by aliens and now you are part of a covert alien war. Now, this game will not have you jumping into ponds or getting lost in the wild as you can choose your home base and a 2 km area around it. The additional missions will be found at random areas that will be pinpointed within the defined area.

Turf Wars

Did you ever want to be part of a mob? Without the breaking the law and the risk to life part, of course. Well, with Turf Wars, you can. This one is a mob-themed game where you want to dominate the largest area of the map that you can, while other players will battle you out for it. To claim a new turf, you must be within a half mile radius of the place, and the world of the Turf Wars keeps changing as the turf changes hands often. Another feature is that if you have a powerful enemy, you can take help from your friends to bring them down, or you can make (uneasy) alliances with people who aren’t challengers (yet).

The worst part of these games is of course the constant use of GPS eating up your data plan, and the rather quick draining of the battery, but that’s why you have unlimited plans and battery packs, right?

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