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There are so many tools on the internet that allow you to post your social media content to a number of platforms at the same time. But, as Uncle Ben once said, with great power, comes great responsibility, and just because you can, does not mean that you share the same content across all your social media platforms. It is not just all right, but recommended, that you post different things on different platforms, I mean, if you are interested in boosting engagement.

The guidelines for different platforms

Each platform has a different audience and each audience expects different things from the platform; which in turn affects the performance of your social media posts.



Your goal on Facebook should be to build your brand and engage your fans, and recent studies have shown that videos, live and uploaded, have been the best kind of content for most pages.

In fact, according to a Buzzsumo study, videos have a higher average engagement rate as compared to links (duh) and images.

Harness the essence of the products or services you provide and judge what kind of videos will not just be interesting to watch, but also informational and fun.


Instead of sharing a YouTube video or link, upload your video to Facebook directly. These videos receive much more engagement than links.

Curated content and blogs

After videos, the next most popular and engaging posts for Facebook are blog posts and curated content. Share your own blogs, but also share high-quality content from third-party pages and sites (always assign due credit). This strategy is great for expanding your reach and engagement.


To find some great high-quality content, use the Facebook feature, Pages to Watch.


High-res photos

Instagram is where only your best photos and videos go; in fact, you will need to ‘blend in’ so you can then ‘stand out’. On Instagram, the aesthetic quality of your content counts for a lot; and people go to a lot of lengths to make a mundane thing look beautiful. Your images should be beautiful, artfully presented, and thoughtful.


If you decide to curate some good user-generated content on Instagram, first ask for permission from the original poster before you re-post it.


One of the most popular types of content on Instagram is motivational quotes. You can either scour the net for inspirational pictures, or you can use the numerous tools available on the net to create your own graphics.


  • Your quotes should support your brand mission
  • The images should be your own, as much as possible
  • Don’t overdo the quotes


You need to have a basic theme for your Instagram stories, but you can also be a little flexible. They’re anyway going to disappear in 24 hours. Here’s what you can do with your stories:

  • Obvious one – tell a ‘story’
  • Share tutorials
  • Promote a blog
  • Share lists
  • Limited time offers and promotions on stories
  • Offer coupons
  • Share inspiration
  • Introduce a takeover guest
  • Share announcements


A good way to create Instagram Stories is to start with templates.



The most popular reason why people use Twitter is to keep up with news. A lot of people find breaking news on Twitter, while others just keep up with news in general on this platform. So, Twitter becomes a great place to share news relevant to your company and followers.


There are a number of RSS readers on the net, use one to stay up to date with the latest in your industry and be quick off the mark when it comes to sharing the news.

Curated content and blogs

Just like Facebook, Twitter too is a great place to share blogs and curate good third party content. And as you can tweet several times a day, you can share multiple posts in the same day.

When you do share a blog, make sure to attach an extra multimedia attachment to keep things interesting. You can share:

  • The link preview
  • Photo
  • Infographic
  • Video
  • GIF


The maximum length of a Twitter video is 140 seconds. Experiment with new videos here as well.


Twitter was one of the first social media platforms where GIFs gained popularity; and they remain popular to this day. If you have a GIF, Twitter is the place to post it.


There are a number of online tools that you can use to create GIFs.

This is it for the Big Three – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; but more still remain. Tune in next time for LinkedIn and Pinterest tips for optimizing your content!

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