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So time flew by, months passed and social media savvies moved from Facebook to instagramminng, whatsapping and Snapchatting. While Facebook still remains as one of the primary sources of entertainment for the youth, there are times when even social media brings to my mind the afore-stated age old saying. And I am sure it has happened to you too. If you feel that some people need to know when to refrain, read on.

  1. Too much information

Some people just go on and on and on with their social media posts caring little about the length of it. Makes me wonder why put in so much effort on exhaustive content that…NO ONE READS.

  1. Psycho-Political histrionics

Oh these rants! All those who are tired of the Hillary and Trump rants, raise your hands.

  1. Useless Invites

Why people why? The world would instantly transform into a better place the moment some folks quit sending others game invites. Believe me friend…that is not the value your mom had talked about.

  1. Random Tags

And then there are people who hate loneliness so much that they have to tag almost all people they know top their Facebook posts.

  1. Grammatical errors


That moment that makes me thank God for the existence of the Grammar Nazis.

  1. Selfie freaks

I believe some misinterpreted the “an apple a day” saying to “hundred selfies a day”

  1. Hashtag loads

The picture says it all.

  1. Show-offs and humble brags

Should I continue believing in humanity?

  1. Group messages

SOS! Cannot take it anymore.

  1. Spoiler alerts

Dear God have mercy!

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