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Instagram is the new trend or the place where the millennial generation is, and multiple surveys substantiate it as a ‘Dominant Youth Platform’. Marketers are creating a visual story on their Instagram page; wooing their customer base; successfully being able to piggy bank on hashtags, and not to miss setting new milestones by creating simple, effective, & shareable content. The marketers across the world are already busy instagramming their brands as it is the future of personalized marketing, but, how about you? Are you still struggling with the basics of insta marketing and trying to get a little follower base?

No matter whether you are new to Instagram marketing or have failed to crack the success mantra, here we share 3 tips that can make you market your brand on Instagram the right way.

It’s not just attractive images

Behind the attractive images on Instagram lies a thoughtful strategy. If you still do not have a strategy to define brand identity grounded in visual creativity then you are not ready to start with Instagram marketing. Start to explore the potential of Instagram for your business, and outline a strategy. Follow these tips while you do so:

  • What possibility does Instagram offers to do which other platforms don’t?
  • Where and how can you identify the target audience that is active on Instagram?
  • How will you integrate Instagram strategy with the strategy of other social media channels?

Guidelines are priority! Style, Publishing & Workflow Guidelines

A consistency in voice is the key to survive on social media; same goes with Instagram, but with an added layer of clearly defined aesthetics. Establish extra guidelines for photo, video composition, filter use and captions to give your followers a unified brand experience. Have a look to get an idea of what you need to do:

  • Brand aesthetic: Review your brand for the existing visual appearance such as brand logo, website look & feel, graphics, and other collateral. Identify the color palette like whether it has a cool or warm tone and accordingly use Instagram filters for editing effects.
  • Composition: Yes, you might not be a natural photographer, but you need to learn certain skills for your mobile audience. Since Instagram will show each piece that you [post in a square thumbnail, you have to learn the basics of composition to create a sense of visual harmony. While you do so, keep a tab on:
    • Backgrounds
    • Subject
    • Dominant color(s)
    • White space balance
  • Using Filters: There are several ways to edit photos and videos on Instagram, credits to filters. But do not just blindly use any filter, choose the one that fit your brand’s aesthetics wisely.
  • Captions: Instagram captions are limited to 2,200 characters, which sums to around 3 lines of text. You have to accommodate your copy, mentions and hashtags in these 3 lines. Decide your strategy on how you would want to use this space.
  • Hash tags: With hash tags, you give an opportunity to instagramers to search & follow you. You must give them a reason worth to follow you. You can either merge hashtags in the copy or can place them in the end. Instagram allows 30 hastags to be used for one post. But this doesn’t mean you create a mess.
  • Add to Photo Map: Increase your Instagram posts’ engagement via location tagging or geo tagging. Study says that posts with locations get 79% more traction than posts without location.
  • Social Sharing: Connect your Instagram account with other social handles like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr and automatically share your posts on every channel.

Identify Team Members & Roles

If you need contribution of other team members then divide the role & responsibilities as per individual’s strength. Depending upon your team & objectives, divide the work responsibilities to ensure ongoing on smooth tasks.

This sums up the basics of Instagram marketing. We will come up with next post on how you should manage your accounts, hashtags, and keep a track on performance, till then get your mastery in managing basics.

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