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Half a year ago, marketers had to deal with the removal of right hand side ads, which was done to give better search experience to the users. Well, again, for the good, Google has announced another major change to redefine the experience of mobile-first world. The latest update – the ‘Expanded text ads’ by Google Adwords is said to be the next generation of text ads for both advertisers as well as users. This newly announced text based ad pattern offers a better platform to reach to the relevant consumers.

Here is how this newly launched ‘Expanded text ads’ different from the earlier standard text ads:

  1. Two are better than one; that’s what headline field suggests. There is now an extra headline field, which would allow marketers to include additional text in the ads. That’s not all; the character limit per headline has also been increased to up to 30 characters from 25 characters. Separated by hyphen, both headlines would get displayed next to each other.
  2. The merger of description lines. In the standard text based ads, users could play around in two description lines in around 35 characters. But this has been modified and expanded to 80 character one description field, which would give more character scope to convey ad’s message.
  3. The smarter URL domain. There is no more need to create display URL while creating new ads, instead AdWords would now automatically pick up domain from the final URL.
  4. This would be completely mobile-optimized. There is no more need to edit the mobile device settings as these expanded text ads are pre-mobile-optimized.

Additional information is always better. That’s what Google Analyzed in its research and thus made an effort to provide additional information to users about company & its offerings even before they click on the link.

Since, this update is already introduced; marketers would need to buck up and update all their existing or upcoming ads and make the best of this feature. To help them out, here are some tips & tricks, which would help them in deriving the most of the benefits from this update.

  • Reconsider the message of the ad. The introduction of second headline might tempt marketers to simply add a line. But don’t do that. Reconsider the entire message again and create a new headline, bearing in mind all parts of the new ad.
  • Make the best of character limits. Since it is possible to communicate more to consumers with expanded text ads, give good reasons to help them decide whether to click through to the site or not.
  • Pay attention to ad headlines. Headlines are the deciding factor whether a person should click on the ad or not. Consider different ways to display ad headline in a way that it is compelling and easy to read on different devices.
  • Make use of ad extensions. Include information like additional deep links into website or business location below the ad to increase ad’s performance.

Pro Tip:

  • Before pausing or deleting standard ads, make & test multiple expanded text ads and evaluate their performances.
  • Never forget to include crucial business information and other well tried-and-true components from standard text ads, such as price and keyword inclusion.

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