Own the market with some Musk–o–logy

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When I sit to think of what more could there be that is yet to be invented, I mostly end up feeling the need of a time machine. Well with me Doraemon’s “Anywhere door” would also be just fine.

Silly! Right? Isn’t every new invention silly as a blueprint until a genius has actually turned it into reality? Talking of inventors, I am reminded of Elon Musk, an entrepreneur whose dreams extend to outer space and actions rocketed him to into becoming a celebrated name among old and youth alike. Working with a vision to bring a change into the world and humanity for the better, this self-made business magnate is no less than an explosion of genius and talent himself. Since Musk himself began his journey to success with small initiatives like Zip2 and X.com, there are lessons one could learn from him when heading into the digital marketing business. Read patiently!


Whether you happen to be a small tool in the big machine called the company or the engine generating energy/work for all other smaller tools, anxiety could be your uninvited guest anytime. What mostly keeps people from treading into the unexplored territories is the anxiety that things might not go as expected. Hey! How will you know until you have tried?


No journey is without hurdles. Often times, we take a step back because we fear tripping over them. If hurdles are troubling you too, it is time you asked yourself how important the goal is to you. Prioritize your goals. When you understand how important it might prove to your firm, you shall stop at nothing to achieve it.


How you perceive things counts too. If you have been trying the same approach, you shall end up getting similar results. Try changing your perception and you shall notice an improvement in the outcome.


I personally believe that failure stories are more helping than success stories because they tell you of the things that have not worked out in the past and must be avoided. What is sorrowful is not that you are stuck in hell, but that you refuse to move on. How will you ever walk out of it, until you move? Remember no one or nothing in the world is immune to failures.


There is no use to working, if you never stop to self-analyze yourself. Reflecting upon one’s actions show us how far we have come and how far we have to go to meet our goals. You get to scrutinize your work and can clearly see your mistake which when avoided in the future shall reward you with better results.

So take note. Buckle up. Set. Go!

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