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Have you ever watched television and then the ad breaks come (we all hate them) and suddenly there’s an ad. This ad, to you seems to be the most pointless spending of money. It seems irrelevant and annoying, and as soon as it ends, you turn to whoever is there with you and ask “What even was the point of that ad?” “Are writers even trying anymore?”

Honestly, the answers to those questions that sometimes plague each and every one of us are not within my reach to explain. But what I can do is expound upon how easy it is to make a bad ad. There must be hordes of people who talk about the good ads (yes even me). But let’s go about this the completely wrong way, because we can.

EDIT: (The words in the brackets, following the points are what you should do, because apparently I cannot just give bad ideas and leave it at that Click To Tweet).

Taking Ownership of your Brand

Nope! In truth, your brand is the asset that you own. Your agency doesn’t own it. But you should totally leave the steering in the hands of people who are not as familiar with your brand. Why not? Click To Tweet

(You must captain the ship when it comes to developing a brand message. Others can give their opinions and advice, but at the end of the day, the strategic brand development is your baby to bring up.)

Clear Directions

Where in the world is the creativity in receiving mundane inputs like “brand guidelines”, “brand identity”, etc.? It is in the deepest pits of hell I assure you. There is absolutely no need to give directions to your creative team. Don’t chain their wings, let them fly!

(A bit of creative freedom is important and good for your campaigns. But it is also your duty to communicate the brand strategy clearly. The team needs to know about the direction that your brand will be following before they can start working)

Proof Reading

Caution is for the weak! Why would you want to read the written part again? Let it go! YOLO! Just press Go!

(Applicable to print ads and AdWords, shoddy spellings and grammatical mistakes make your company look unprofessional)

The Consumers

Ads are made to sell. That’s pretty much it. You think an idea is smart? Go for it. If you want to show Pokémon for selling senior citizen cardigans, go for it!

(Consumer demographic is an important factor that goes into an ad. You need to know who the consumers are and what they want before you can start selling to them)


Your strategy is ready. You understand exactly what you are trying to convey. That means that the ad is good to go.

(You need opinions on your strategy and ads. You know what you are selling, but does the point come clearly across for someone not related to your company? You need fresh eyes and unbiased verification)

The Creative Agency

You pay them money. They’re supposed to churn out head turning, whoa-inspiring, and never ever seen before content and ads at every turn. You pay them and that’s it, your responsibility is done.

(Turning a brand strategy into actual content is a hard task to accomplish. They can be your partners rushing towards success and inspiring ads, but they too need the motivation to do so. You need to inspire your creative agency; you guys need to be partners and not client and slaves)

Follow these tips, and trust us, a bad ad is right within your reach (or a good one if you just read the brackets *sigh*).

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