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Selfies have become really common – from weddings to funerals, from mornings to evenings; we just need an excuse to click a selfie, don’t we?

People can go to great lengths, even risking their life, to capture the perfect shot of themselves.

But is it worth risking your life just for a picture?!

India has proudly become the selfie death capital of the world accounting for 60 per cent of all selfie-related deaths in two years. According to a study, between March 2014 and September 2016, 127 deaths have been reported to be caused due to selfies, of which 76 deaths occurred in India alone!

Isn’t this figure alarming enough to explain that we need to do something about it ourselves rather than just blaming anyone else?

Sure a selfie isn’t something irritating or obtrusive, but is this harmless fun worth risking your life for?  Why have selfies become so popular that people are willing to stand on a ledge just to take the perfect shot?

Experts say there are a number of reasons for the popularity of selfies: –

  • Firstly, smartphones have made it easier to click selfies and share them with friends.
  • Plus, people take selfies to trump their friends with a sensational or more interesting image, just to prove themselves one-up.
  • People also have a desire to connect with people through images which is a common thing these days.

What you, me and everyone else needs to do

It’s high time that we stop being selfie-addicts and understand the risk of taking a selfie in places that can jeopardize our lives!  Campaigns against such a life risk can only do the needful, but we need to be self-aware of our surroundings. Are you ok with risking your life just to outdo someone? Think again!

Be Responsible -Stay Aware – Stay Safe. Life can never be worth a selfie.

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