Life ends as social media keeps watching!

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The woman in the picture above, Keiana Herndon, aged 25, and the mother of two, died of a heart problem in Arkansas while people on social media kept watching! She was live streaming on Facebook, talking and singing to viewers from rural El Dorado. She had her 1-year-old son by her side who watched as she suddenly started wiping her face and shaking. The phone dropped from her hand, she was struggling to breathe, and finally collapsed. And still the people did nothing but watched!

The number of people viewing the live streaming went from a few to thousands, but not even one of the many made an effort to save her. She was broadcasting to almost 3,500 friends when she collapsed. Thousands witnessed the final moments of this woman’s life, was this tragic live shot such an interesting thing to witness? Or has life and death become a rather trivial matter?

Social media could have helped save a life!

If the woman would not have been streaming live, she may have died without anyone even getting a hint about it. But, since she was online with a lot of her friends watching, her life could have been easily saved. This incident portrays the insensitive society that we are living in.

Has social media brought us closer or has it made us insensitive or docile towards one another?

Social media and our life

We all love to share our lives and connect with friends on social media. Social media gives us options to explore each other’s lives and stay in touch even when distances separate us. Let’s be honest, we’re hooked on social media, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

But that makes me ask you one question here, are our digital lives getting more important than our real ones?

You surf through the social media profile of your friend, ‘like’ the pictures or comment on the posts. But, do you feel the need to go up personally to that friend to congratulate him on his promotion or to console him if he is sad, even if he lives just next door?

Well, there you are, everything should have a limit. These days, social media has overtaken our real lives, and that’s making us insensitive to actual situations of our lives. I am not saying that you should refrain from using social media, but you need to know where to draw the line.

It’s kind of scary to think about what happened to this woman, little did she know that she’ll die live streaming on Facebook and the whole world would watch it like a viral video!

Moreover, social media, as mentioned a gazillion times before, is there to keep us all connected; about time we started making the right use of it in situations like these, and do what we can to help out a peer in need. Going digital shouldn’t equate to going brain-dead!

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