Kids and the Social Media

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Well, there is not a pinch of doubt that Social Media has infiltrated every bit of our lives. Parents, family members, kids, co-workers, and just anyone you can think of, has one or many inroads within the social media world. Facebook, the most popular of all social media platforms, has attracted hoards of visitors across all age groups. While you need to be a minimum of 13 years old, in order to be eligible to sign up for Facebook, we find a lot of underage kids skirting this rule for this and many other social networking websites.

The crucial question is should you allow your kids to join social networks? Is there any benefit attached with kids having a profile on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest? Here are some pros and cons which parents can consider before allowing their kids to have a profile on social media networks:


A wonderful way to keep in touch – With innumerous people joining social media networks, it’s quite possible that your kids have friends and relatives on them. These networks serve as a wonderful way to keep in touch with all those who are miles away.

Enhances Technical Quotient of kids at a young age – Without doubt the kids of today, need to learn and upgrade their technical skills at a young age. Social networks can boost the kids to learn to type, surf the web, and broaden their knowledge base, all at a very young age.

Kids can relish the perks of social networks – Let’s be honest, social networks are a thorough fun! Kids can share photos, share thoughts, update their friends on their recent holiday trips and connect with the world around them.


Safety Internet safety is an important issue these days. It’s equally important for both people and businesses. A biggest downside to the Web World, when it’s tough to predict whose on the other side of the computer screen, this can make things dangerous for kids.

Wastage of time With social networks comes along chatting and games, which can consume important family, study or the productive time.

With Social Media comes Cyber-bullying A new side-effect of social media, that can have one of the worst side effect on kids. Cyber-bullying can be even more vicious than bullying that happens in school.

Lastly, it’s all up to the parents to decide whether they should allow or rather support social networking by their kids. However, it’s important to be aware of and monitor all their activities regularly.


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