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Looking at the way marketers are working on email marketing, it is clear that they are drafting poignant email copies, wonderfully getting it designed, creating neat & enticing subject lines and must even be getting skyrocketing click-through rates. However, I have observed that many a times the hard work does not reach the targeted audience. I have subscribed to several brands but still I was amazed to see how their emails are lying in my Spam folder. Well, this makes it simply clear that not all emails are reaching to the subscribers, which is a matter of concern for marketers. In order to squeeze more ROI from email marketing, marketers need to figure out what’s preventing emails to reach to inbox and land into spam folder.

To help you out, here are a few things, any marketer must never do to enhance email deliverability rate.

Don’ts of Email Marketing:

  • Never invest in email lists

The ease of renting or even buying email lists of individuals who have agreed to email communications has simply made the jobs of marketers a lot easy. But the sad part is this easy task isn’t garnering much profit to you, as this is what experts define as dirty marketing tactics. Since these individuals are real internet users, they do not know you personally, and probably they would mark emails sent by you as spam. Let’s accept the truth- no body sells high quality email addresses, so do not fall for the trap.

  • Avoid sending emails on addresses that have higher bounce rate

One of the crucial aspects to figure out email marketer’s reputation by internet service providers is bounce rate. When an email is sent to an invalid or non-existent address, then they are never delivered successfully and increase bounce rate. These hard bounces can become a reason for not allowing you to send emails to people. 

  • Never use All CAPS in email or subject line

Any font in ‘all caps’ can attract attention, but it is perceived in a wrong way, it is like yelling at people, it is annoying, and above all, it looks spammy. There are several other ways to attract reader’s attention, such as being relevant, or using catchy or delightful words but using all caps is a disruptive tactic.

  • Avoid using spam trigger words

If you choose your words carefully, especially in the subject line, you can avoid your email being stacked in a spam folder. It is hard to avoid triggering spam filters by using certain words such as ‘Buy’, ‘As seen on’, ‘buy direct’, and countless more.

  • Never embed forms in emails or include attachments

Instead of embedding forms a better way to get ROI from emails is placing a call-to-action button. Similar is the case with attachments. You can upload the content to be attached in the mail, on the website and send the link across the email. It is suggested not to send forms or attachments via email because due to security risks, as common email clients choose not to support forms in email. 

  • Avoid overflowing keywords in email copy

One major rule of good SEO is avoiding keyword stuffing, which I believe every marketer must be aware of. The same rule applies to email marketing as well. It is not just because of search engines, but also for the sake of your users-because no person loves to read content that is optimized for robots.

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