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If your brand has a Social Media page or profile, it’s probably because you intend to take your brand closer to its audience. Most of us do this; even as individuals, we make Facebook profiles or Twitter accounts to get closer to people other than our friends and family. But how do you do it?

Okay, let’s consider this; if we have a social profile where we post a thing or two once in a while, will your connection remember you? Will they consider you ‘active’? Therefore, if you think that publishing once in the blue moon about your products or services in social networks works, you’re wrong!

It is in human nature that we like to have friends that talk to us, who advise us, and help us develop interests. Well, this is what your brand will also have to do to be in social media. Connect with followers, know them, and let them know you, create a trust and “humanize” to let them know you are a real person they can expect things out of.

Now the real question, what do you do to humanize your brand?

Respond like a human

Employees who manage the brand’s social handle need to comment, answer, post and work in a way that represents your brand as an actual human. One of the best ways of doing this is sharing images and stories about your brand in action, maybe how your employees work in general, daily activities, your CSR, or anything that shows the human-like movement. Moreover, address the users as they are. Show them what they may be interested in and offer them information that might seem relevant to them.

To do that, know your audience

For this to be possible, for relevance to prevail, you will have to know your audience. Start by locating them, and talking to them in a way people in that area(s) would. This also means that you will have to be up-to-date with what is going on in the area, what is being said both by your competitors and your followers.

More than interest, create trust

It’ll be great if you focus on building a relationship of friendship built on trust, rather than one built on interest. So, besides giving importance to your product/service on the brand page, you must present users with facilities and solutions, be it in form of your services. Indirectly, let them know how they can achieve their goals with your brand’s help, so that they are obliged to give you back.

Keep it vernacular

Make sure the language you use is the one similar to what you use with your friends. If you get too technical with your language, it can bore your audience and they may no longer follow you because thay would fail to connect.

So there you have it, take this opportunity as a way to make new friends in your customers, and humanize your brand.

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