How Pay Per Click Advertising Works For Brands?

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Traditional marketing techniques which worked wonders almost half a decade ago do not have the same impact today. Pay per click advertising has overshadowed the good aspects of traditional marketing with its best aspects. Playing a major role in how products and services are marketed online, this paid marketing is based on the principle of value for value; i.e. if you are hoping to get returns, you must be willing to make investments.

How PPC benefits a business or brand?

Organic SEO is without doubt the best way to get maximum revenue with no investment; however, it top results from organic means takes time. PPC is ‘while-you-wait’ marketing tool, to spread awareness, increase local visibility, and give national exposure to product/brand. There are list of benefits that a company gets with wisely investing in PPC advertising, some of which are:

  • It gives first page exposure: Survey results and online marketing experts agree to the fact that in 90% of the cases searches are not made beyond the 5th page of search results. With PPC, one can get the exposure of top searches results.
  • It brings immediate traffic on website: One can expect good traffic on the website in just an hour of putting up PPC ads. This is why, PPC is a great medium to promote a new product or even a website which has little to no exposure.
  • It is easy to get consistent traffic: The traffic to the website depends upon the budget you set for the ads. The bigger the daily budget is, the more traffic one gets on the site.
  • It is cost savvy with real time track-ability: With PPC campaigns, real time tracking of how keywords are performing or how visitors are behaving at landing pages can be easily tracked and accordingly PPC campaigns are optimized for better results & revenues.

The key performance indicators of PPC campaign are:

Key performance indicators or KPIs helps to measure how well a PPC campaign is doing. Some commonly used KPIs are:

  • Click-Thru rate: This is the most important KPI that reveals how many people are liking and clicking the ad campaign. It is attained by dividing number of clicks on an ad by total ad impressions (no. of time an ad is shown)
  • Conversion rate: Conversion rate reveals which ad clicks are leading to conversions. Number of conversions is divided by number of clicks on the ad to get the conversion rate.
  • Cost per conversion: Cost per conversion is the amount it cost for each conversion gained through ads. It is calculated by dividing total ad cost with number of conversions.

What you didn’t know about PPC?

  • A successful PPC campaign is just a half won battle. Landing page (where ads divert traffic) is the deciding factor or influence for whether traffic is converted into leads or not.
  • The quality score calculated on the basis of ad relevancy, keywords & landing page determine ad frequency.
  • Different match type options (i.e. broad match, phrase match, exact match, and negative match) are applied to control keyword searches that trigger ads to appear.
  • All keywords are not equal. Selecting the right keyword for a PPC campaign is a combination of art & science.

How to Optimize a PPC Campaign?

Pay-per-click advertising though looks clear & straightforward but is a complex process. With poor organization, one ends up paying too much and generate too less revenue , thus it is crucial to keep it optimized. Here are twenty not to forget quick tips that would help you in managing your PPC ads:

  • Select advertising platform
  • Define your goal
  • Research your target audience
  • Do proper keyword research
  • Use negative keywords list
  • Do keyword group segmentation
  • Write killer ad copy
  • Have clear call to action
  • Create effective landing page relevant to ad
  • Use Geo targeting
  • Test different ad positions
  • Test different ad-copies and landing page combinations
  • Evaluate quality score
  • Remove ad copies with low CTR
  • Remove non performing landing pages
  • Remove keywords with bad quality score
  • Increase budget for top performing keywords
  • Identify non performing keywords and pause them
  • Optimize your bid management strategies
  • Optimize your campaign for conversions not clicks

Stay tuned to DGTully, to know the ideal way to write PPC ad copies.

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