Google Adwords Language Targeting Revealed!

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Targeting becomes more fascinating when we bring language into the mix. Google gives us the opportunity to target up to 40 Languages (awesome it is, isn’t?)


I asked this question to a lot of people, which is smarter, “developing a multilingual strategy around a language or a country” and trust me every time people gave me a confused look.
Well, let me do something to remove your confusion here. So think about it, if you try to communicate with others who don’t speak the same language, you might find it tough to get your message across. Similarly with Adwords, I am sure, you want your ads to appear for customers who can understand them and avail their benefits.


Language targeting is full of tremendous benefits. It allows you to show your ads to the right audience and because it filters out all non relevant traffic, CPA Cost gets reduced automatically and revenue gets better.


Now let me show you how Language Targeting works in Adwords:
Language targeting allows you to choose the language of the sites that you’d like your ads to appear on. So once Language setting is done, Google will show your ads to customers who use search or Display Network in that same language. But make sure that your ads are written in the language that you are planning to target, because unfortunately Adwords doesn’t translate ads or keywords.


Let me give you and example to make it clear. So let’s say you sell coffee beans online, and you want to target Spanish-speaking customers. You set up a campaign targeted to the Spanish language, with Spanish ads and keywords. As long as Google interface language settings are set to Spanish, your coffee ads can show when your Spanish language customers search for your keywords.


Adwords allows you to target your customers through Display Network as well, So If your coffee business has an image ad for freshly ground coffee with Spanish ad text, and you can target your ads to run only on Spanish language websites.


So, language targeting is the right way to reduce the number of people who will view your ad and it makes your target audience a little more specific, which saves your money and helps you optimize your campaigns very well.

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