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Everyone uses Gmail but no one really knows all the functions it provides you. While practically it isn’t even possible to know it all, there are a few things you should know to master and make better use of your Gmail inbox. Between extensions, labels and settings, there are several other ways to set your Gmail account to manage mails and time.

The following will help you give that extra boost to your mail bank, especially in terms of organization:

  • Take back your mails

How many times have you sent wrong, incomplete or unintended mails to someone you shouldn’t have sent it to? We do that a lot of times, and if you haven’t yet, you surely will someday. So, if you send such an email and miss to catch the yellow box that says ‘the email has been sent’, then you have another option to turn to in Gmail.

To enable the undo feature in your mail, you can click the gear icon located at the top right corner and select Settings. Then, check the box that stands for Enable Undo Send from the Undo Send section of the settings menu. It allows you to set a 5, 10, 20, or even 30 second period for cancellation of a mail.

  • Compact view your whole mailbox

This is a real helpful function, especially if you’re using the mail on a mobile phone. So, as you click the gear icon, one of the options in the drop-down menu is viewing modes that let you switch between Comfortable, Cozy, and Compact. Switching to the Compact mode will eradicate a good amount of space on the screen, allowing you to see more details against each email in each line. It is great for viewing the maximum information in one glance.

  • Create multi-sectioned inbox

To ensure that you’ve read all your important emails, you can set up multiple inboxes that help in organizing and de-cluttering your messages. For this, go to the gear icon again and then Settings. Select ‘Unread First’ option under the ‘Inbox Type’ form the resultant drop-down menu. This will push all the unread messages to the top of the inbox and those which are already read to a lower section.

  • Make use of quick shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can be very time saving, ask the writers! With Gmail, you need to enable a few shortcuts, which can be done by going up to the gear icon, then Settings, and checking the bubble next to Keyboard shortcuts in the general settings area.

Now you can simply type in letter combinations or letters to get your tasks done quickly. Here are the most used shortcuts that might be helpful to you:

  • “j” to move to older messages and “k” to the new messages
  • “e” to archive a mail
  • “shift + 3” to delete a message
  • “r” to reply and “a” for reply all

Look for specific mails

Instead of going through the thousands of mails in your inbox, there are tricks to find specific categories of emails. So, if you need to find a mail with attachment, just add “has:attachment” to your search. Similarly, typing “size:[x number]m” in the search bar will fetch you all the mails that are heavier than the number (x) of megabytes you typed in.

Pulling up specific email can help you find easily through the pool of mails and it can also be useful if you wish delete heavy messages to save on your drive space.

Hope these were helpful! I’ll soon get back with more hacks.

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