Diwali ad campaigns that will make you shed a tear

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Diwali is one of the most celebrated and the most loved of festivals celebrated in India; and while for everyone else it’s a celebration, for the brands, it is more of a battle. Diwali is, by common consensus, the season for shopping. Brands began capitalizing on this thought ages ago, by offering a lot of heavy discounts on their products and services. Diwali sales became as much anticipated as the festival itself. But now, with everyone on the same discount bandwagon, it has become rather hard for brands to stand out. So what do they do? Well, they come up with new ad campaigns; and when it comes to celebrating love and togetherness on Diwali, a brand cannot go wrong with aiming for the emotional cords. Here is a list of some of our favorite Diwali ad campaigns, in no particular order.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat has always urged people to “Take a Break”. In 2014, they took it a step further and came up with an ad campaign about a lone astronaut in space. It’s not a small ad; it’s more like an almost 4-minute music video. The ad shows the astronaut taking a break to have a Kit Kat, and as she does that, she sees the entire country start lighting up for Diwali. This ad was aimed at all the people who would be spending their Diwali away from home, and to urge them to “Take a Break” from work.



Kids will be kids. It is not uncommon for children to play pranks like the ding dong dash (ring the bell and run away) on their neighbors. In fact, if they learn that a neighbor is khadoos, he would be targeted even more. In 2013, Cadbury gave us some childhood feels by getting a man to apologize to his older neighbor for his pranks. This ad strives to bring forth the true spirit of Diwali, all about love and forgiveness and togetherness, making it a rather cute little ad.



Ok, so this one is a personal favorite and holding back tiny dewy tears is hard with this ad. In this ad, a boy comes home with a gift for his mom, very excited and eager. When he gets inside he sees his mother with jewellery she just received, jewellery that is much bigger and better than what he got. A moment of hesitation, and he does finally hold out his smaller gift. But the happiness and the emotions running all over the place are amazing to watch and it makes you want to go and get something for your mother, just for the same expressions. A lot of people have always bought gold on Diwali, and those are the people who had been targeted back in 2014 with this ad.


Of course Vodafone’s ad is going to promote their service. But how do you connect telecom and Diwali? By realizing that hordes of people would probably not be celebrating Diwali with their families, they could be working, unable to travel back home, etc. Vodafone’s 2015 Never Alone Diwali campaign was all about showing these people who are away from their homes; a doctor on shift, a sister in hostel, etc. But each of them was on a video call, pseudo celebrating with their families. This ad campaign was not just an empty emotional show. Vodafone also gave its customers all across the country 100 MB of free data to help them stay connected with their loved ones.


Surf Excel

More recently, Surf Excel struck and emotional chord with their ad campaign #AbLagRahiDiwali. The ad, seen through a young boy’s POV is all about sharing the joy of Diwali with everyone. In this ad, the kids take Diwali to their Dhobi, watchman, and milkman, making it a rather touching ad.

OnePlus Dash

So a man away from home is about to visit his girlfriend and tells his mother that he can’t make it home on Diwali. This ad showcases the features of the phone like quick charging and video call, and also shows the loving and caring side of Diwali.


Big Bazaar

Last year Big Bazaar came up with their Paper Patakha concept to urge people to celebrate a silent and clean Diwali, which in itself was a beautiful concept. But this year, they took it further with ‘Yeh Diwali Sabki Hai’. It is a very sweet ad that highlights coming together with not just your family and friends, but with everyone.


The 2015 Diwali ad by Pepperfry.com positioned their ad in the gifting space. They used the landlord and tenant relationship to show how gifting can help strengthen any relationship.



Another ad by Tanishq, this time from 2015; this campaign was based around gifting of course, but also around the yearly traditions that we follow every Diwali. Be it cleaning the house, wrapping the presents, or preparing sweets. The theme followed in this campaign was that if the traditions of Diwali are so beautiful, where is the need to change them.

Urban Ladder

In 2015, the online furniture brand released their Homecoming ad campaign. This ad was about a small family of three who did not want to remain a nuclear family any more. This campaign is more of a short film than just an ad. It shows the young couple completely renovating their house, keeping in mind the needs of the boy’s parents, so they can ask them to move in with them.

Diwali has always been a festival to be celebrated with your loved ones; and that is why the emotional aspect of such ad campaigns has never failed to make a mark. Which ads have been your favorite Diwali campaigns?

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