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No matter what path you decide to follow, your business is always a probability of running into troubles and road blocks with ten other disturbing consequences. Especially, with social media being a relatively new thing for most companies in India, the social risks aren’t understood quite as well. Imagine you’ve invited 10 shortlisted and carefully chosen guests to attend a high tea party at your place. Next you see that each of these guests shows up with two friends, without any prior warning. So now, you have 30 people sitting at a table you arranged for 10. Won’t it be disturbing your budget and your peace of mind? Something similar happens on most websites. In fact, it can get a lot worse online. So, what exactly are the inherent risks of using social media to promote and grow your brand online?

Hackers are browsing social media websites in large numbers all the time. When talking of security issues, it is not always about your personal information or your company finances, some hackers can break into your account just to cause havoc. They do this with the sole purpose of spamming your followers and spoil your social image for the sake of fun and amusement. It becomes easy for hackers to get in if you are clicking on random links, publicly displaying your email, keeping a simple and same password for multiple accounts etc.

The real fore-deal as well as the problem with social media posting is the speed at which something can go viral. Therefore, even a simple PR misstep can quick turn into a brand-degrading viral crisis. For instance, if you are caught using a false fact or a misunderstood information about a person or product, you would generally expect some negative feedbacks, but when on social media, a tiny-miny mistake can go viral and out of control. However, you’ll sure become a trending topic on various social platforms.

A lot of online users have sticky fingers when it comes to developing online content. Thus, when a brand operates online, there’s always a risk that your competition steals from you. For example, on a basic level, a brand similar to your brand may simply find some inspiration in your online campaigns and end up emulating your techniques. Though, this is fine, a little ideation is allowed. But there may be others who will run the exact same posts with the same promotions with just their name inserted.

Some may believe and some may not, but we unfortunately live in a hyper-sensitive world, where people follow taking offence as their inherent right. Some individuals actually seek to be offended just for the claim. And, of course, there can be days when you may end up unintentionally sharing posts that offends a particular group or specific kind of individuals. Keeping the content you upload must be carefully chosen and reviewed.

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