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There is a lot of speculation that goes into the deep and dark web. By a lot of speculation, we mean a lot of confusion, the most common confusion lying in the recognizing of which is which. The terms deep web and the dark web are used almost interchangeably, and that is just not what it is about. These two terms have caused a lot of confusion, which can probably be tracked back to the Silk Road reports. But fret not, we are here to tell you all about the surface, deep, and dark webs (please note that we will not be giving you any “instructions” for any of these except maybe the surface web).

The surface

When beginning a journey into the various aspects of the web, it’s always a good idea to begin at the surface. The Surface Web is simply the internet that you use every day. This includes anything that can be indexed by your typical everyday search engine. By the way, if you want to know all about indexing, Google does happen to have an interactive story about how they search the web. You can read all about it here. Open any traditional blog or news site and begin clicking links and that is how the crawling technology of any search engine works. Search engines depend on pages that contain links to try and identify content. However, this does lead to a lot of content being missed.

Deeper still

The deep web, invisible web, hidden web, or the dibre web are all names for the same thing (notice how we do not call it the “dark” web). This is the part of the World Wide Web that is just not indexed by a search engine, for any reason whatsoever. The opposite of the surface web, the deep web does include a lot of common uses like mail and online banking. It however, also has a number of paid services, which have pay walls, like video on demand. The size of the deep web is impossible to measure, and rather harsh to estimate, owing to the fact that most of the information available here is either hidden or locked away inside databases and none of the information can be reached through the traditional search engines.

It gets darker

Now, the actual Dark Web is a small part of the deep web itself. This is the content that exists on darknets and overlay networks which use the regular internet, but also require the use of specific configurations, software, and authorization to access. The Dark Web consists of small friend to friend or peer to peer networks. It also has some large networks, the most popular of which is Tor.

Fun fact: Dark web users call the surface web as ‘clearnet’ because it is unencrypted.

Once you reach the depths of the dark web, and we’re still not telling you how, because this is a “just so you know” blog, you will be able to find a number of illegal activities and services being offered in return for bitcoin payments. Luckily, the stories of people getting their lives ruined on the dark web because they witnessed a mob hit streaming online, or something like that are exaggerated and overblown accounts. But being careful is a given when you visit the dark web.

So apparently you can hire hitmen on the dark web as well. Maybe next time we’ll bring for you a list of the weirdest sites on the dark web. Stay tuned!

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