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“Oh! You are a content writer.. eh.. That seems easy..”

This is the common reaction that I get from every third individual as soon as I say that I’m a content writer.

As if they Know it All!!

Right from the time of Tagore, a majority of population think of writers as lazy individuals who just wander around all day and come up with a poem or a story and claim it to be an important piece of literature.

However, the exact work and the effort that a writer puts in, is way beyond the imagination of someone who has never written anything more than his name. Shifting from the era of content in black and white, let us fast- forward to the present era of the internet.

The internet era has been the right platform for every talented individual. Be it a Comedy Group as AIB or EIC, the internet has played a major role in bringing such talents into the limelight. At the same time, the way of reading too has been revamped.

Apart from the newspaper, websites like Scoopwhoop, Storypick, The Quint, YourStory etc. have become a constant source of reading content. While these are online media companies, there are people like us who work for dedicated clients.

We Don’t Work – We Multitask!!

We are responsible to write an enormous amount of content for our clients by showcasing their services and features in the best form. While the task seems easy, the actual work is way more tedious.

While a client may conform to just one industry, a content writer is expected to write about 10 to 15 articles on the same services in a certain span of time. When doing so, the writer needs to write about the services from various aspects, but at the same time should not sound promotional. He or she needs to understand the domain of the client and sound like an expert in the same.

If this sounds tedious.. Then my friend.. There is more..

The Slow and Steady Should Not Participate in this race!  

A writer cannot take a whole day to write just one article.. There are different targets set for the days. Sometimes, a writer may need to write 2 to 3 content pieces on the same target word or service and at the same time should sound different. Many a times one needs to write 4 different content pieces from 4 different clients.

So, to survive in the content industry, a writer needs to be prompt with his ideas and swift in his execution. At the same time, he should have the skills to understand the services by the client and be able to write an article based on it.

In more ways than one, we become the voice of the client on the internet, which is big responsibility in itself.

So, if you too are a content writer and the next time you face the similar expression.. Send them this link.. They’d just know..!!


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