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Before we start talking about the anything else, let us first clear the mist around content marketing. Most of us mistake content writing for content marketing, so for all those people and for others who are gaping reading the title of this blog, let’s understand the term ‘Content Marketing’ first.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a digital media strategy based on creating and distributing unique, valuable and relevant content to magnetize a clearly-defined audience for long-term engagement, eventually leading to sales.

Content marketing from the start

It is a common belief that content marketing started with cave paintings. From the time man evolved, from being a cave dweller to making a house for him, the practice of storytelling about life and survival has been on. In 1895, John Deere launched his “The Furrow” magazine, which is claimed to be the first proof of content marketing. It was just a start, and by late in the 19th century there was a rise in consumer-driven content.

Content marketing has come a long way and in the modern times, it is regarded as one of the best ways to attract audience and to improve brand value. In the past, creating and publishing more and more content was looked upon as a way to be successful. Today, things have changed, regular publishing is still important but there is a lot more focus on quality than before.

History still holds much importance, and to be successful one must understand the ideas and events that were the major turning points in the history of content marketing.

What is the biggest content marketing challenge?

Creating quality content that engages your audience

You can come up with a viral piece once in a period of time, but pushing yourself doing that every other day is not at all possible. Creating content in a short period of time becomes a big challenge of any writer. Further, with so much already on the World Wide Web, how to find that unique, out-of-the-box idea that works?

Solution to the problem

RESEARCH! This is the only solution to the problem.

And research doesn’t mean only about the content, but end-to-end research from the trends to your audience.

We all know that the primary aim of content marketing is sales, but we cannot pitch about our products and sell them in our content. Content marketing has to be more focused on being useful to the consumer or it will be of no use. Content marketing strategy can only be effective if you have a clearly-defined audience.

Do your research- Audience research relates to understanding your audience’s buying behavior, and trends research which includes hunting for the topical trends in your business area.

By building a solid foundation of research, about what your audience is looking for, and then creating your content marketing campaigns around it, can help you mitigate the risk of failure to a large extent.

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