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If you have recently decided to begin blogging, and to join the ranks of the multitude of people writing on the internet; you must know that the competition is fierce. And when you have this much competition, it is always a good idea to NOT make any blogging mistakes. However, if you’re still a beginner, you need help in recognizing the major mistakes that you could be making. Here’s the first part of the mistakes; and remember, you can fix them:

Auto-loading music

This is the most annoying mistake that you could make. Never have auto-loading music on your blog. It’s annoying, it’s surprising, it hogs the reader’s bandwidth, and it makes the loading up of your blog very slow. Do you want to lose readers because they didn’t want to wait for the page to load completely? Plus, if someone waits patiently, the last thing they want is sudden unwanted music, especially if they’re in a situation where they’re trying to be quiet.

Dark backgrounds & light text

The issue with this mistake is just not the aesthetic of your blog, but also about readability and usability. It is harder to read online than physically reading a paper, and you want to ensure the experience of reading your blog is easy. A dark background and light text makes it hard on anyone’s eyes, and even if they don’t realize the exact issue, they will remember that reading your blog was neither fun nor easy.

Cluttered sidebars

Ok, so you have won a lot of awards and you wanna tell the people about them, but the sidebar is just not the right place to do so. This is of course just an example, but fact is that the less clutter you have on your page, and the more white space you have, the more people like it. Your reader should be concentrating on your content and not getting sidelined by all the clutter on the page.


A definite no-no! There are a few legitimate bloggers who plagiarize on purpose, but you need to be careful. Maybe you didn’t realize what you’re doing, but it’s still wrong. Plagiarism is basically using content that is not your own. It can be words, pictures, anything. There is also accidental plagiarism, so make sure you check whatever you post.

Saying “click here”

Sure you want to integrate links into your content, but how you choose these links and the words you choose to do so play a very important role. Pasting the entire link is the stupidest thing you can do, but using the words “click here” is not that better either. Think about the sentence where you want the link to be. Then, consider where the link can go. For example:

For more relevant blogs and tips on digital marketing, click here.

We can help you get the most relevant digital marketing tips to take your business to the next level.

The sentence at the bottom is much more effective, as not only is it descriptive, but it also has a keyword phrase that can help in SEO. After all, you might search for marketing tips, but not for “click here”.

Blogging can go very well for your business, as long as you have relevant content and you avoid the most common of blogging mistakes. Keep a lookout for part 2, we’ve got a bit more to share.

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