Are you addicted to DMHO?

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So one day at work, I am surfing the net, looking for random funnies (Dear Manager, It was almost time to punch out and I was done with my day’s work), when I came across this image:

The first time I read it, I didn’t really register it, so I read that chemical name once again. Thanks to basic high school science, and a tiny part of me that likes to put symbols to the names, I thought about the formula for this ‘dangerous’ chemical, and disbelief made my eyebrows rise way above my hairline as I realized that I too am addicted to this ‘substance’. There is nothing in the world that can ever make me quit. Then I reached this disturbing conclusion that whether they are aware or not, almost every single person on this earth consumes Dihydrogen Monoxide!

You too are addicted to it! Trust me!

Being the curious soul that I am, I visited the site mentioned on the image. DHMO

The first things I noticed were of course the really botched up graphics (if I may call them that) and the hotchpotch of information. But this is not about how to make a good website (maybe I’ll do that one of these days), this is about DHMO!

Each word I read on the site had me shaking my head in disbelief. Is this possible, can people actually do this? There is disbelief etched on my expression as I see that these people actually want to ban DHMO. I challenge these people, ban it if you can, but you will never stop me from consumption.

Now before the people who know me and have not yet grasped the severity of the situation start calling up my mom, let me make this one thing clear. Di-hydrogen mono-oxide, H2O. It’s water. The stuff that is written on the site is mostly true, but written in such a complicated and twisted way that it might make you want to help ban water as well.

This DHMO hoax originally came to be (as far as Wikipedia can tell), in 1983, and was revived in the 90s by a kid for a science project about human gullibility. However, how far does this go? Notice the little “store” option on the site?

Of course I checked. I wanted to see how far it would let me go. Will it at some point tell me, “OK, no! Stop! It’s a joke!” But alas no, I got as far as the page where I had to put in my PayPal details before I lost nerve and settled back to marvel at the fact that I too had come across a hoax that is there too actually con people! An actual con, and I came across it all by myself (I got a slice of the feeling that Sherlock must get every time).

As easy as it has become to find information on the internet, it is also just as easy to put out false information out there as well.

As it is with quotes, it could be with information. Don’t trust random sites, double check your facts and I dunno…be safe?? Am I a great detective or what!!

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