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We’ve already told you how Google Adwords is a platform of constant change. Irrespective of the reason, fact is that Google likes to switch things up with about a hundred changes every year. As a result, Adwords users are left floundering, trying to keep pace with the ever-changing industry. Part 1 of the cheat sheet dealt with the first 5 Adwords hacks that can help with your conversion rate. Now it’s time for Part 2 of the same.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads

RLSAs are of great help when it comes to bidding on hopelessly broad terms. These terms could include competitor names or some other navigational terms. These broad terms are obviously problematic as they are known for low number of clicks and for negatively affecting the Quality Score.

The Hack:

Apply RSLAs. Then you will only be targeting your previous site visitors, when they search for information on these other terms. Instead of targeting almost everyone else with broad navigational keywords, you would be targeting only those who had visited your website recently, thereby tapping into higher intent clicks and avoiding low click QS penalties.

In-market Segments

Remarketing is all about marketing to an audience that you already have. But what if your business is small, and the traffic rather light? You don’t have a large audience to whom you can remarket. For issues like these, remember that Google has a huge amount of audience intelligence just waiting to be used. That is what the in-market segments are here for. In-market segments help you in targeting the people that Google has classified as being in the market to buy.

The Hack:

Even if you don’t have a huge remarketing list with you, you can use in-market segments to bring your product or services in front of a motivated audience that has already demonstrated intent.

Ads in Gmail

Like almost every site, Gmail has had ads displayed in the right panel for ages now. Ads that people have trained themselves to mostly ignore. But now, Gmail has ads that appear right in the inbox in the form of a mail. These ads have subject lines and teasers, and allow you to display a full email to your audience.

The Hack:

Take advantage of some targeting parameters like interest and other similar domains people have already received an email from to appeal in a much better way to the users. It’s all possible with the new Gmail ads.




Given the immense popularity of the channel, it is crazy how most companies are ignoring it. With around a billion people using YouTube every day, the site offers a number of ad options like the TrueView ads that play before the videos. The best part of the TrueView ads is that if a user skips your ad, you don’t have to pay for it. Then there are also the in-video ads that pop up as a video crosses a time mark.

The Hack:

In simple terms – Use YouTube! The audience is massive, the competition is low, you can target specific search histories, interests, keywords, or channels, and to top it all off, the prices are low.

First come first serve

We cannot stop emphasizing about the sheer number of changes that Google tends to make to its Adwords platform each year.

The Hack:

Straight to the hack here – there is a major advantage in being one of the first advertisers to implement the ever changing features. The bids and the competition, both are relatively low, and you can also be the first one to appear in a new way in front of your audience. Of course, in practice, this will be harder than it sounds as you will have to keep a vary eye on the Adwords horizon for any upcoming changes.

Now that you have the complete cheat sheet at your disposal, all we can say is be good, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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