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Google Adwords is a platform of constant change. Whether Google just likes to keep things interesting, or it is a sadistic master who gleans comfort from keeping people guessing, whatever the reason, fact is that Google like to switch things up with about a hundred changes every year. As a result, Adwords users are left floundering, trying to keep pace with the ever-changing industry.

But what if you could cut through the clutter? What if you could implement a few hacks and reduce the confusion? You could of course keep playing with the ad copies and keep testing the button placement, but there are a few, much more effective practices that you can implement for optimum impact.

The Quality Score

People (read Google) might want you to think that the Quality Score is not as important, but we want you to know that it is. The QS impacts your ranking as well as the click through rate (CTR), in fact, advertisers with a high QS can actually get lower costs per click and better ad positions.

The numbers: For each point that increases in your Quality Score, there is a 9% increase in your Impression Share. Alternatively, for every point that decreases in your Quality Score, there is a 9% decrease in your Impression Share.

The Hack

Remember that your QS is an algorithm, and algorithms can be hacked. Google (like any strict parent) expects a particular CTR, and if you fail to meet that, you will be stuck with a low Quality Score. So get rid of junk keywords, and add at least 10% of branded keywords. Branded keywords increase your CTR.

Appeal to the emotions

Nobody wants to write bad ads. In fact, not many people believe that they have written bad ads. But the fact is that most of the ads that show up on a Google search are rather below average. In the image below, you can see how the ads that show up are so similar, and not all that interesting. They would definitely get click through rates, because let’s face it, people searching for shopping, will shop.

Ads that are very successful are generally those that appeal to the emotions of the user.

The Hack

Before you begin writing your ad copies, get to know your target audience. Who are they? What do they love? What do they hate? What is their biggest issue? And, how and why are you trying to solve it? Once you deal with the emotional part of it, you will be able to put up ads that appeal to your audience.

Bid Multipliers

Go for quality over quantity. Instead of buying as many clicks as you can, pick and choose the clicks that would prove to be the most advantageous to your business. Bid multipliers allow you to do this, by letting you attribute greater worth to clicks according to your needs. For example, you might prefer more ad clicks during the day time, when your staff is at the office to answer calls and queries. You could create a schedule, where the keywords bids during the optimal times would be higher. Similarly, if the advertiser happened to be a restaurant, they might prefer higher bids during the evenings or on the weekends. The bid multiplier can also help you place bids based on location as well as the devices.

The Hack:

Don’t try to buy everything. Play smart and be picky. Use the Bid Multiplier, and bid more on the clicks that have the greatest impact.

Mobile Optimization

The most common search method these days is through mobiles and handheld devices. Most people own smartphones, and instead of booting up a desktop, people prefer to simply whip out their mobiles for a quick search. The greatest opportunity that this brings to Adwords users is the Click-to-Call button. People are on the go, and you do not need to lose people with extra clicks to find your contact details.

The Hack:

Mobile optimization is very competitive owing to the limited screen space. You need to aim for the top three ranks, and for that you need to return to the first hack and improve your QS.


This is one of the more important Adwords hacks that you should focus on. The sad truth is that conversion rates are hardly as high as one would want them to be. Most people will click through an ad, but still leave a website without taking the action that the advertiser wanted that they should take. Remarketing is all about targeted messaging, aimed at getting back those lost visitors. The visitors are tagged with a cookie, and when they are other websites or on their mail, they will see ads from your website, reminding them of your offers and services. Remarketing helps in expanding your reach, improving conversion rates, as well as brand recall.

The Hack

Define your audience and segment your website visitors according to their interests. Then you need to create ads for the different segments and utilize the Google Display Network to reach your audience with targeting messaging that aligns to their interests.

These hacks should help you attain the goal of increasing click through rates and conversions while reducing you costs per conversion. Keep a lookout for part 2 of the Adwords Cheat Sheet.

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