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The world of advertising, whether contemporary or digital, is a world full of opportunities. No matter what has been happening in the market, or the industries, people have always needed advertising. But the opportunities that the world offers, come with their own hardships, namely, the fierce competition. The main thing that one requires to succeed in this field is ambition. Without that, you’re just doing some routine maintenance work for your clients. The ambition should of course be for the creation of new ideas rather than simple promotions; just as they said in the movie ‘3 Idiots’ strive for excellence rather than success and success will soon follow. Nothing is simply handed to anyone, and everyone has to earn what they get, but there are a few rules that you can apply, not only in advertising, but in any business, in fact which will definitely smooth out your path to achieving your goals.

The disappointment

There will always be disappointment on your path. You can look at it in terms of video games and realize that the more are the difficulties that you are facing; it just means you are reaching close to the finish line. But in more practical terms, it will happen more than once that you will have ideas and campaigns that are perfect, ideas that you are sure would succeed; ideas that the client will simply shoot down without any good reason. Remember that sooner or later, you will be disappointed by your client, but that does not mean you give up. Save that idea (for renovations at some other time), and move on to the next, but never stop innovating.


Ambition, aspirations, and talent are all great tools to have. But they are no more than that. They are tools and every tool needs to be honed. Never get cocky about your skills, because life is all about learning and the truly successful people never stop. Experience will always be the best teacher that you have.

The client relationship

Not for one moment should you let yourself believe that the clients are there just to give you money. Treat your clients as your friends, and do your best to give them good value for their money. This is of course about the work ethics, but apart from that, when you give your best, you are learning with every passing project.

The fight

A thing that most executives in advertising suffer from is how sometimes your agency insists that the client is ‘always right’. It’s true that they have the final say in any campaign, but sometimes you know that the client is wrong but you still have to force the client’s will on your teammates, despite knowing that it’s a bad idea. You should fight for some things and for some client’s, but first make sure that that is the right path to tread.

Mistakes and Opportunities

If you are happy with where you are, and you accept what is handed out to you, you need to shake things up. Recognize the great opportunities, and rise up to meet them. Also remember that mistakes happen, and owning up to them will not make you any smaller, it will in fact earn you the respect of others.


Presentations are an inescapable part of advertising. Even if you are in a team that doesn’t need presentations so often, it is just a good skill to have. Being able to make clear and precise presentations can also help you grab on to some greater opportunities.

Talent can take you only so far. You need to be willing to grow, to work harder, and to work smarter to reach the absolute top.

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