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Social media has taken over every aspect of our lives. We have the self-deleting chats of Snapchat, the “Everyone see what’s up” Instagram, “let’s stalk people” Facebook, “I don’t know why I’m here” LinkedIn, “ Things I’ll never try” Pinterest, and many more. Despite us knowing that we’re addicted to these platforms, we don’t really stop using them. So, is this going to be about the evil internet ruining us? Nope! We need to accept that social media isn’t going anywhere soon, so this blog is more about those annoying features of social media that certainly could be gotten rid of. Is this a rant? Absolutely!

The Ease of Liking Posts on Insta

It is absurdly easy to like a post on Instagram and while that may have been a convenience feature to allow one hand scrolling, how do you explain when you’re ‘102 weeks before’, stalking someone’s profile and instead of scrolling, you like a picture. Let’s complicate this one a little please and avoid a lot of awkward conversations.

The Love Heart Thing on Insta

Facebook earlier had just a ‘Like’ button and people wanted more… “I want to show support, but I can’t ‘like’ that my friend lost his dog!” So Facebook came out with a variety of ways to react to someone’s status, which by the way, people still manage to get wrong at time (for some reason). But on Instagram, you’re following an old teacher from school, they share something nice, and you ignore it; all because you can’t have any other reaction on Instagram except for that ‘heart’.

Read Receipts

This one has been debated a lot, ever since the feature was introduced, but as nothing has been done about it yet, let’s rehash this topic. Sure, read receipts on Whatsapp are great for those overbearing people who can keep track of when someone came online and didn’t read their messages or when someone read their messages and didn’t respond; but overall, it causes more arguments than are worth it. Then again, you can turn off your read receipts and start an all new game of “Why? What do you have to hide?” The same is the case with the Facebook “seen” feature on messages (which you can’t even turn off).

Who Has Seen Your Profile?

Thank goodness Facebook has desisted from such a feature (imagine the horror). However, LinkedIn, which is supposed to be a ‘professional’ site, lets you know immediately who has seen your profile, which seems cringe-worthy.

‘Was Active’ Feature

Maybe I want to go online on Facebook and just scroll through my feed for some light reading before bed. Maybe I am not in much of a mood to chat with anyone. What do I do? Go offline on messenger of course, you’d think that Facebook will get the hint. But, no! Anyone who opens your chat box can see when you are “Active right now”, even if you as much as just open the app. What is the point of going offline on the messenger if Facebook is going to try to force me into socializing?

Add Recent Link

If you’re using the Facebook app, you’re familiar about the ‘add recent link’ feature. Looks something like this:

Why? Do you know how many people live in the fear of accidentally posting the recent link they copied?

Facebook Video Ads

Oh God! Where to begin! Yes, they are great marketing opportunities for most companies as these ads are frickin unavoidable if you want to watch a video. They cannot be skipped; they have to be seen. How many times did I have to abandon an interesting video because an uninteresting ad popped is? A lot of times, I’d say.

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