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One of the better feeling as a Youtube video producer is to see that one of your videos has been viewed by many people. I see people talk about ‘getting most youtube views’ in the online video industry. Having a viewability character is an important and necessary factor to succeed. You can try every possible trick from a number of ‘drive millions of views’ ebooks or posts circulating around the web but if your post is not engaging the audience, driving views or getting clicks to gain publicity, don’t matter much. Offering the engaging content is essential for getting the youtube subscribers especially in the long run.

According to YouTube analytics update, the posted comments and for how long a viewer stay decides whether your youtube channel will be rewarded in future or not. So without further ado, let us discuss 6 simple yet effective ways to increase YouTube Channel Engagement considerably and begin your journey towards attracting diverse viewership, generate leads  increase the subscribers for youtube, and retaining the customers.

Get The Little Things Right

First things first. You should take adequate care in updating the backgrounds, thumbnail, channel artwork and content so as to showcase a professional looking YouTube channel. You can browse the internet for various online tutorials to modify your channel outlook to make it look look appealing to potential subscriber. You can also create channel trailer that will showcase accurate but exciting sales pitch for your content. Your viewers will enjoy watching that too. By embedding Youtube video links with your business emails and social media related brand promotion, you can enhance your engagement rate by 51% and increase youtube views.

Pro Tip : Keep the videos under four minutes to get most engagement.

Understand your Audience

Albert Einstein once said ‘Any fool can know. The point is to understand.’ Understanding your audience to make informed decision about the content can assist you to target audience(s) in an effective manner. It is necessary for you to learn that ‘Understanding your audience’ is a continual process and if you have established a rapport as a ‘source’ of information, ensure that you continue to serve them the content they need and when they need it. On the same time, reach out to new audience and attract them to your YouTube channel. Remember, keep learning, reviewing and understanding about the existing and new audience.

Converse with your Audience

Always find the ways to converse with your audience. While making the videos always keep in mind that you are addressing your audience. Treat the online engagement as a real life conversation. Make sure you respond to customer queries and feedback on Youtube’s comment section or other social media channels. Always remember, if you don’t engage your audience, they won’t engage you.

Post Content Consistently

People might be willing to wait for Stanley Kubrick’s film but they aren’t as willing to wait for you to post a video on your YouTube Channel. FYI Stanley is one of the amazing film directors who has produced classics like The Shining, A Space Odyssey and more. His fans would wait for years to see his film release. But you are not Stanley Kubrick. There are thousands of Video Bloggers like you who are trying to pursue your core audience. If you have established a position as a reputed source to provide information, do not disappoint your audience. Post your content consistently and keep them coming back for more.

Create a Call-to-Action

Having a viewer watch your uploaded video is amazing, but that should never be your end objective.You must take advantage of the viewers that you have accquired. Always ensure that there is a ‘call-to-action’ after each video. This can be as simple as asking the viewer to like your video and subscribe to your YouTube channel. You can also provide a link to your social media channels or website. Always remember all viewers provides an open opportunity to be pursued.

Encourage Like, Share and Comment

In this modern society of today, everybody has an opinion and are open for discussion. Why not allowing them to express their believes and share their thoughts in the form of comments? You can add a line to your video review saying ‘If you find this video review helpful, do not forget to like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel. Be always open to customer feedback, suggestion or even a negative comment. Replying to a viewer’s comment in a docile manner shows that their opinion is valued and you are willing to accept his remark to improve the quality or content of your Vblog.

As a Youtube video producer,  you should consider these 6 simple tips for enhanced YouTube Channel engagement. These tips will assist you to not only attract diverse and wider viewership, but also help you to retain customers and generate fresh leads. How else can you increase YouTube Channel engagement?

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