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In 1929, the Hungarian author Frigyes Karinthy proposed that all in the world are connected with each other through a layer of 6 steps, or 6 degrees. In other words, indirectly or directly, all human beings in the world are supposedly connected with each other. For example, if person A knew person B, and person B knew person C, then according to this idea, person A would indirectly know person C through person B.

This notion implied that everybody in the world is a part of one big family, irrespective of gender, race, or origins.

Social media and its rise to mainstream popularity

With the advent of social media, the popularity of the idea that everybody in the world was separated through only a degree of six grew dramatically. Movies, books, commercials etc. were made based around this idea.

Social media jumped on, with sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter leading the charge. Whether it was for promotional purposes, or to global unity, it did not matter, for countless people made posts, blogs, and articles, related to this theory. Various apps such as “5.73 degrees” were developed, showing how you are indirectly connected to a person in a designated social media site.

Dismissal of this notion

The idea that we are separated by 6 degrees was truly pleasant, but scientists shut it down, debating that this notion did not apply to some of the most isolated tribes of people living in the remotest parts of the world.

It is also not a proven idea that everyone in the world is interconnected with each other, and certain facts are still loose.

These are the reasons why the scientists claim that it cannot be a full-fledged scientific theory, but the fact of the matter is, it cannot be disproven entirely either.

At its current state, the idea that all are connected by a degree of 6 is still a hypothesis, and it will probably be, but many still believe in the 6 degrees of one-ness.

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