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Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that aims to attract as well as retain relevant audience via creating & distributing valuable, appropriate, and constant content. The entire purpose of a content marketing strategy is to drive profitable customer action. Well, the entire content marketing efforts are driven through a channel that leads to the relevant target audience. You’ll be amazed to know that there are more than 50 channels via which you can drive your marketing strategy. The list includes different paid channels, self-owned channels, eared channels, text-based channels, graphic-based channels, and Audiovisual based channel. Let’s see this huge list of channels: 

Paid channels for driving content marketing strategy

  1. Print: Print medium that includes newspapers or magazines is a traditional marketing medium, which is not declining anytime soon. Releasing a publication that becomes a must read for the buyers can be of great help in driving content marketing strategy.
  1. Radio: We are not talking about doing the usual 30 seconds native advertising. Instead use radio as a content marketing channel and initiate radio magazine to discuss about matters in unusual & interesting way. 
  1. TV: The role of TV in content marketing is ambiguous, but it has been innovatively used in mix with digital marketing in several surprising ways by different brands. To raise awareness of your content on digital platform, using a TV spot for getting blanket coverage is perfectly a logical move.
  1. Social Media Advertising: With benefits like the ability to interact with consumers in a two-way format, developing a long-term connection, and being able to swiftly promote new offering make social media advertising a promising content marketing channel.

Owned channels for driving content marketing strategy

  1. Websites: In the age of internet to have a business website is the necessity for commencing marketing channel.
  1. Microsites: A branded content site that is not a part of company homepage and/or brand URL. It could be a separate blog build around a specific campaign or a separate media site that is used to promote relevant content on a regular basis.

7. Blogs: Blogs are owned media and in order to make blog the center of a strong content marketing plan, one has to make build blogs on a strong foundation.

  1. Online Communities: Online communities let marketers build personal relationships and networks of trust, bring together people with common interests or profiles, and engage these specific groups of people.
  1. Press Release: Press releases help companies emerge as a thought leader, to the point that prospective customers seek them out to purchase their products or services.
  1. Email: The capabilities of email marketing have been adapting, powering better clicks and conversions, and continuing to achieve the best ROI out of all the digital channels.
  1. Webinar: Webinars create a great chance for co-creation and collaboration as well as content repurposing. Webinars are convenient, cost-effective, and allow businesses to market their content in real-time to a wide audience.
  1. E-Learning / Online Training: Computer based training (CBT), distance learning, e-learning, or online training is another ideal way to connect with relevant audience. 

Earned channels for driving content marketing strategy

  1. Facebook: Facebook needs no introduction for it has proven to be a very valuable and influential communication tool in this technological era.
  2. Twitter: with limited character count, Twitter is an effective platform to post news or updates about company or products.
  3. YouTube: YouTube is a much accessible medium to access customer base, build relationships, establish expertise, and brand business’ unique personality.

Yes, we promised 50 and these are just 15 channels. Well, for the rest of the list, stay tuned to http://dgtully.in/ and/or Subscribe to us, as we will be soon posting 50 Different Channels to Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy: Part 2.0.

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