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Maintaining a blog is quite a major part of content marketing, which in turn is a big player in any marketing strategy. However, before you start blogging, there are a few basics that you need to get clear in your mind.

“…and then what?”

Each and every blog you write needs to flow beautifully and form a harmonious picture, instead of standing alone in bits and pieces. Think hard about what a particular blog is supposed to achieve, every time you sit down to write. Your post should work in its entirety towards one or two deliberate goals and should of course add value for the reader.

More is more?

‘More is more’ is a concept that we have been taught to disbelieve every time. However, this really depends on what you are blogging about. If it’s supposed to be a light hearted picture blog, you would of course want a less word-intensive piece, but mostly longer posts seem to have a higher perceived value. People tend to associate lengthy pieces with higher value. You will of course need to mold this strategy according to your audience and your field of service.

How does it look?

When you’re writing a blog, you need to constantly keep hitting the ‘preview’ button to see how the final version will appear visually. Maybe it seems like a tedious task, but visual representation of your content is as important as what is in it. Your layout needs to be simple, yet appealing, and to make sure of that, here are a few tips:

  • Use a nice, large, easy to read font that is in tune with your brand’s image.
  • Speaking of images, make sure you use high quality (but quick loading) images that add value to your content.
  • Don’t waffle on and on in a single stretch. People are used to skimming, so keep your paragraphs short.
  • Whenever you can, break up the text into bullet points and bold the important parts.
  • Tired eyes get lost. Make sure your page has a narrow-ish width for the content and is mobile compatible.

Even if you right path-breaking stuff on your blog, no one will read it if it looks ugly or is not readable.

Satisfy as many people as you can

It is almost impossible to please everyone, but you can still aim for as many “groups of audience” as you can. While some people like skimming through a blog and love looking at images, some people adore full technical content. If you can combine all these aspect into one post, you have a winner.

Deal with a single evergreen problem

While we talked about breaking up the text, breaking up the topics is also important. Focus on one small topic per blog and make sure it’s not a dated issue that won’t be relevant a month down the line. Instead of a full sized blog with a dozen sub topics, make a dozen smaller blogs dealing with different aspects of an issue. Solve narrow problems that you know won’t go out of fashion.

So, this is your basic guide to follow every time you sit down to write. Of course, you might have to switch it up, depending on the topic or strategy you are covering, but what is a writer if not flexible?

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