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What is that one thing that hurts an email marketer the most? Not getting the idea that hits the bull’s eye? No. Not getting enough clicks? No, not really. An email got delivered in the spam folder? No.

Well, I believe it is the moment when a person spends weeks on working on an email campaign and makes his best efforts from ideation to deployment, and after sending a hit button, he gets to realize an error has been made to the customer’s inboxes.

To not to go through that feeling, scroll down and know what you should do.

Integrate proofreading in the workflow.

How do you execute the process of preparing the newsletters to be sent to inboxes of your brand’s subscribers? Is it something like: Ideation/planning à Copywritingà Design à Quality Assurance?

This process is generally a common way adopted by several email marketers. However, if you want to make a difference, try integrating proofreading at different stages, so that the process becomes something like this: Ideation/planning à Copywritingàproofreading à Design à proofreading àQuality Assuranceà proofreading.


If you integrate proofreading aggressively in the process, you would simply observe a change in quality of the content that feels really human like. 

Consider tone.

Just like it is important to keep a tab on spelling and grammar, it is also crucial to monitor the tone of customer emails. Every email has to be appropriate to the nature of the customer contact. An overly formal email makes it hard to get engagement from the customers; an overly casual email may alienate a customer. Thus, it is very important to take care of the appropriate tone to be used in an email marketing copy.

Review dynamic email samples.

If you are preparing to send personalized emails, which contain a lot of dynamic content, then never forget to review them. It is crucial to make sure that you preview multiple variations ahead of a deployment. During QA, different employees have to bring their eyeballs into use to look at variations before hitting send.

Not everything should be robot writing. 

With a list of third-party technologies in the email world today, the email marketing job has become easier. But alas, it isn’t that fruitful. If we trust upon many of the demos, we will get a list of reasons to decide that one must not completely rely on automation at least for copywriting. The automation tools for copy writing however are no doubt a great alternative to perform meaningful experiments to identify new ways to optimize an email copy. The crux of the matter is that these automation tools must be used with extreme caution.

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