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One can easily find blogs that say a lot about ‘why content is king’ in this digitally empowered world.  Bloggers, digital marketers and writers do the required research while creating blog posts for businesses. But when the content they create does not reach the readers as expected, they may start to feel they are simply wasting time.

Are you one of them, and have started to feel that content marketing is ineffective to grow your business or blog? Well, you are wrong in that sense, and need to think about it from another angle.

Not getting results from the content you create, for on-site blog or for SEO needs, may also mean you are doing something wrong. So, start finding your errors, improve the quality of your content in terms of what actually works, and you are very likely to get the results you expect from it.

To help you improve your content marketing strategy, here are a few things you can do to attract more readers to the content you write:

  1. Write Content With a Clear Purpose or Strategy in Mind

Clearly, if you have been posting content on the blog of your business website or for SEO needs without a clear purpose, your efforts are most likely to go in vain.

In fact, slow growth of a B2B marketer or an organization is because of content marketing strategy issues.

A lot of content creators do not have a clear purpose or a strategy in mind, about why they are writing a piece of content.

On the other end, the right way to write content is to plan it purposefully, and with a strategy in mind. You should know your targeted audience well, and know what you want to tell them through your content. 

  • Write High Quality Content Consistently

You just cannot deny the fact that high-quality content is more effective in reaching the targeted audience, than content that has a thin veil of quality and fluff underneath.

Along with maintaining the quality of content, following a consistent content posting schedule matters a lot. Let’s understand the effect.

When you create more number of blogs or articles with quality content in them, you will be able to drive more traffic to your website.

More web traffic tells the search engines that people are getting attracted to the quality content you have written.

“This will improve the ranking of your website, and the cycle of getting more traffic and improved rankings continues”, says one of the professionals from the trusted SEOBergen.no company for Search Engine Optimization.

It is clear that writing quality content takes time and thus, there is no need to post content daily for your website blog. Even if it is a bi-weekly affair, make sure you maintain it. On the other hand, posting thin content can even reduce the overall readership to content. This blog by The Writing Cooperative says a lot about that. Hire content writer by getting loan from Unsecured loans 4u.

So, try to create a balance between the quality and quantity of content you create and post.

  • Understand Well That Writing Content is Different from Writing Sales Pitches

A common mistake content marketers and even businesses do is to mix up the content marketing strategies with their sales objectives. This does not work all the time. Methods of content marketing work because quality content attracts targeted audience to a business.

You just can’t convert a potential customer by directly selling your product or services to him, without telling him the benefits he will get. In this Internet age, customers can easily find out if a business is capable of serving their needs. So, it is important to first educate your target audience through the content you create. Tell your target readership about problems they face, and possible solutions, including those you can offer.              

One should keep in mind that, sending sales pitches to a potential customer will lead to a conversion only if they are sent at the right time.


When you understand how digital marketing world works and grows, it is best not to afford writing content that is most likely to get ignored. With high quality content created purposefully and consistently, you will be able to better connect with your target audience.T

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